Going ‘On The Road’ Again


With the forthcoming release of the big screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s classic novel On The Road, I’ve been inspired again to get lost in the words of Kerouac’s amazing book. Over the years, I’ve read On The Road again and again and it looks like I’m ready to give it another read. There are few authors who I choose to read again and again and even fewer books that I choose to read multiple times but On The Road is just one of those books that never gets old. In fact, every time I reread it, I feel just as inspired by the story as I did the first time I read the book.

With all of the books I have on my reading list and all of the other stuff that I have to devote time to, I cannot resist the pull to read this book again. I have a feeling that the film version of On The Road is going to be good but I want to go back and read the words that Kerouac put to paper one more time before I succumb to the film. I ended up staying inside for most of yesterday with book in hand MOSTLY because of the stifling heat (the temps have been in the 100s and they will continue to stay up there for the coming week). There are far worse things I could be doing, that’s for sure.

Tonight, David and I plan on hanging out with our good friend Genevieve, who we haven’t been able to hang with in eons. We are both very much looking forward to seeing her, catching up, that kind of thing. I hope it’s a nice COOL day where you are in the world. Happy Monday!

  • Halli

    I’ve actually never read On the Road and it’s been on my list of things to read forever. I don’t know why but it keeps getting skipped. I REALLY have to read it. I think it’s just been bumped way up on the list. :)