Céline Dion Will Release Two Albums In November


Attention, Céline Dion fans! I have great news for you!! The greatest singer in all the world is readying the release of not one but TWO new albums set for release this November. The first of these albums will be the French offering Sans Attendre with the English offering Water and A Flame following shortly thereafter. Céline’s first new single is due out sometime this month so … we’re about to get a big infusion of over-the-top French pop music!

The wait is over! Celine Dion is going to release two musical outings in November of this year. According to this very place right here, the Canadian singer of song is to release some French album entitled ‘Sans Attendre’ on November 5th and (more importantly if you speak English) will put out her English album ‘Water and A Flame’ shortly after on November 12th. The ‘Miles To Go (Before I Sleep)’ hitmaker has reportedly worked with the likes of Stevie Wonder, Ne-Yo, Babyface and Francis ‘Eg’ White for the album and will also throw a few covers from her Las Vegas residency into the mix too. A single is also “to be sent to international radios by mid-September” so that’ll be a nice way for Zane Lowe to usher in the Autumnal months.

I mean … how long has it been since Céline blessed us with new music? Far too long, I say. I can’t really put my finger on it but there is something about this talented French-Canadian chanteuse that just makes me happy. Oh, I know her music is mostly schmaltzy nonsense … but it’s fun and ridiculous … and the world could use more fun ridiculousness, don’t you think? I, for one, am very excited by this news. I’m dying to hear what Céline’s new music sounds like. I’ll be praying to sweet baby Jebus that her new music sounds exactly like her old music.


  • Arielle

    It’s not “French” pop, it’s Québécois pop, Trent! That being said, both cultures tend to create equally over the top music, and in the same language no less, so mixing them up isn’t the worst of sins.

    • @Arielle — I wasn’t being serious, I was poking a bit of fun with the ridiculousness that is Celine Dion :D

  • Tommy

    You nailed it on the head. Celine’s music might be over-the-top at times, but it always makes me happy

  • Pat

    It’s so funny cause living in canada right on the quebec ontarrio border i live in ontario. I see that french poeple love her while the english dont really care. I’m kinda shock the rest of the world loves her so much. The really is a culture divid in canada between french and english