Aaron Carter Is Working On New Music


Lest you think that Lindsay Lohan is the only former teen star trying to resuscitate her career comes the happy news that Aaron Carter is planning the imminent release of new music, possibly by years end. Carter managed to successfully nab himself a gig on Broadway and that inspired him, it would seem, to delve back into his old career as pop star. Aaron Carter may have endured some tough years since being the Justin Bieber of his time but clearly he is ready to make a comeback. Are you ready?

Aaron Carter, currently starring in “The Fantasticks,” isn’t giving up pop music entirely. Backstreet Boy Nick Carter’s brother is working on a new album, his first since 2002. “My goal is to get it out by December, which probably won’t happen because I am being so critical on myself. I want the best,” he told us at the Cinema Society screening of “2 Days in New York.” Carter, who had a stint in rehab, added, “I am notorious for being a bad boy. I am more of a sophisticated one now, but I am still bad.” The title hasn’t been confirmed but may be “The After Party,” a reference to his 2000 “Aaron’s Party (Come Get It),” and is set to be full of “theme songs.”

Well this is … news. I’m very surprised to learn that Aaron is currently on Broadway, good for him! As for his attempt to revive his music career, I’m afraid he’s prolly not going to be very successful. It’s possible that he may still have some fans left but I don’t think he’s got nearly enough to make an album release worthwhile. I do commend him for giving it a shot tho. Carter has been a bit of a mess for many years now, it’s good to see that he’s straightened himself out. And if Lindsay can attempt a career comeback, why not Aaron. I guess we’ll see. But I have to ask, am I wrong? Are there enough Aaron Carter fans out there clamoring for new music? If you are one of them, do you dare speak up below?


  • Britney’sBitch

    ew no

  • ClaireMichelle

    13-year-old-me would be freaking out over this. I can’t see him finding much of an audience at this point unless his new music is phenomenal. Aaron, oh Aaron, what are we going to do with you?

    • Serenity

      I think he could ride this for a little while, just for the nostalgic value. The BSB/NKOTB reunion tour did pretty well, didn’t it?

    • nicole

      @Serenity – but you cant really compare BSB/NKOTB & Aaron. they’re no where near the same level.

    • Serenity

      I was thinking in terms of fan loyalty. The girls who liked him back when he was big might go to a concert or buy a new album as adults.

    • crazyforac

      First of all you can not saw anything about his new album if you have not heard any of the new songs yet! Second the new album is going to be called “The After Party”
      I have been a fan of his since the beginning and have also meet him. For all those of you that are saying that he will not do good on his new album you are all going to have to eat your words when the album is released!

    • Mazzie

      I totally argee with u. His news songs and the album will blow everyone away. Because he is amazing

  • Alex

    Trainwreck coming…..

  • sandy

    Not gonna lie, I want to see him get down to Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) at this age.

  • Erica Croce

    Not an Aaron Carter fan (although Nick was my tween crush…) but I have tickets to a concert this weekend and he’s on the bill! Didn’t know he was still around doing music either, but apparently he’s getting gigs!

    His set is only 15 minutes, though, so that kind of says a lot. Check it out: http://www.mixtapefestival.com/schedule

  • miguel

    I won’t be surprised if he ends up calling his new album “If I Had Married You…Hilary Duff” lol.

  • fab4runner

    As long as the music is good, I will listen. I was never an Aaron Carter fan, but I wouldn’t let that stop me from enjoying future songs if they are good.

  • Mazzie

    I am a Aaron carter fan even today, i am also looking forward to his new album. there are a few songs out that and they are so amazing. Hes amazing.xx

  • Candyloveac Carter

    I’m 24 I loved AC since I saw his cute face I was 9 I just went to his Broadway show in Ny The Fantasticks I went with my friend to his Broadway show The Fantasticks we met him after the show he signed a few of my dvd and shirt we talk for more then a few seconds AC is so nice I was kinda shocked how sweet kind he is I’m gonna meet him soon again he deserves to be on top again Ill but everything of his singles so i can help him magazines