Rita Ora Covers Frank Ocean’s ‘Swim Good’


We’ve heard a whole slew of great covers recently. Kelly Clarkson took on (and redefined) Eminem, Frank Ocean paid tribute to Sade, and now Rita Ora is getting in on the fun. She recently recorded a cover of Frank Ocean’s song Swim Good, which appeared on his 2011 much-loved mixtape, nostalgia, ULTRA. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of Rita Ora’s singing but I sooo want to be! I just haven’t really been digging any of her stuff, but she’s so lovely to look at and I really like her energy. So I decided to give it another shot with this cover… so far, so good. I’d love to hear what you guys think about this one; Rita’s backed by a sweet live band and some amazing back-up singers. Me likey… but me lovey Frank’s version. Inside!

Frank Ocean’s VMA-nominated Swim Good:

OMG. Love. Frank. Ocean.


  • Sam

    I’m like you. I can’t get into her singing style. Also, no one beats the Incomparable.Frank.Oceannnnn woooooo!!

    • Shannon

      Sam, I’m trying with Rita! Which is so wack of me, I just wanna get on the bandwagon or something, lol (it’s really the Jay-Z factor, I think)! But yeah. TeamOcean!