In the fairly long history of epic concert events that I have attended in my life, I struggle to remember a night that was quite as epic as last night was for my friend Ollie and me. Last night, we attended the 8th annual Freestyle Festival at QC’s 2020 in Montebello, CA. What we got was a night of unbridled fun that we were hoping to experience. There were many things about last night’s concert that made me worry that the night would be a bust. Despite the amazing line-up of performers, the concert was held inside a banquet hall on a golf course. The entire concert venue was prolly the size of the venue when you had your senior prom. I am happy to report that not only was the venue adequate but it turned out to be THE perfect place for an amazing throwback event like this to take place. Click below to see some photos and watch VIDEO from the show last night. You must experience some of the fun that Ollie and I got to experience live last night.

I don’t even know where to begin. Some of our absolute favorite artists from our youth were all on stage for one amazing concert. Unsurprisingly, each artist only performed 2 or 3 songs but that was enough to keep the audience really happy. We were only there to hear our fave hits anyways, no one was really interested in hearing any new music from any of these artists. Here are SOME of the photos I snapped last night:

Of the artists who performed, there were two that I was most excited for. Stacey Q and Dino. Folks, I can’t even tell you how much I love both of these artists. Stacey Q … man …. I would ride around my block on my bike listening to my Sony Walkman waiting for the radio station to play Two of Hearts again and again. I wore out that tape. Wore. It. Out. Dino was essential music listening for my first band camp. It’s a long boring story but believe me, his cassette tape helped me get thru a grueling Summer back in the day :) Here is video of Dino performing one of his big hits …

Dino, I Like It:

And here are two videos of Stacey Q performing her two biggest hits …

Stacey Q, We Connect:

Stacey Q, Two Of Hearts:

And the Queen of all Freestyle music, Lisa Lisa (sans Cult Jam and Full Force), brought the heat herself …

Lisa Lisa, Head To Toe / Lost In Emotion:

I’ve screamed over the years at concerts but never so loud and so crazily as I did last night. Debbie Deb came out and I nearly lost my shizz. Crystal Waters? OMG. EVERYTHING! The hits just kept on coming and there really was no time to slow down. In between acts, the DJ would blast just the best dance music … Ollie and I literally partied all night long — the show was over 7 hours long. I’m a bit of a wreck today but boy, was last night worth it.

I don’t think I’m going to get much done today as I’ll need some time to recuperate but … I can tell you this. I deffo plan to be at the 9th annual Freestyle Festival no matter where in SoCal it’s held next year ;)

Happy Sunday!!

  • elle sees

    This sounds like the most amazing concert ever. Seven hours of late 80s throwbacks? YES!!! I totally made a playlist based on this concert.

  • Karen

    This really does sound like the most crazy fun concert!

  • nicole

    i had the pleasure of seeing Crystal Waters live in ’07 – amazing!

  • Jstar

    Sounds amazing! All those songs/artists remind me of junior high!

  • Jim G

    Wow Trent! Sounds like an amazing show! I grew up with the greats of freestyle too, and funny that you mentioned Dino being one of your favs. I haven’t been able to find anything on him online for ages. I thought he left the business. I still can’t find any Facebook or websites, do you have any leads? Thanks! – Jim G.