Listen: Azealia Banks Drops A Diss Record Against Fellow Harlemite Jim Jones


Ahhh, the diss record. A staple in the hip-hop game; almost a requirement for up-and-coming artists. I’m not a huge fan of hip-hop beef (it’s been known to go horribly awry), but I had to listen to this new joint from the one and only Azealia Banks against my fave rapper-turned-reality-star (but not really cause he’s always Jimmy), Jim Jones. I could not believe they were engaged in a twitter beef over the concept of vamping… and whether or not Jimmy invented the ‘vamp life’ and whether or not Azealia is biting off of him. See? This is why rap beef can border on the wackness… it usually starts over some kind of ridiculousness (even if it late escalates to some deep ish). Beefing over who owns vamp-age? When the answer is clearly the Twilight franchise? Wait, not it’s Emma Clark. No, it’s Buffy. Or Joss Whedon. See? Silly beef, but a good diss record I think. It’s no Hit ‘Em Up, but who wants another one of those? Check out Azealia takin on Harlem’s Big Boys in Succubi. AraabMuzik on the beat.

P.S. Every time I see a reference to ‘succubi’ I think of that South Park episode. LMAO. Ok, get your gangsta back on.