Watch: Kelly Clarkson Performs ‘Lose Yourself’ By Eminem In Concert In Detroit


Wow. Kelly Clarkson has truly outdone herself with this one … as you may know, Kelly likes to perform cover songs on tour that get sent to her by fans. Some of the songs have a connection with the city she happens to be performing in, some do not. Last night, at her concert stop in Detroit, MI, Kelly busted out a performance of Detroit native Eminem’s Academy Award-winning song Lose Yourself that, man, you just HAVE to hear for yourselves! I’ve been impressed with Kelly’s covers before but this one … yeah, she really impressed the HELL out of me with her ability to bust a rhyme. Much love and thanks goes out to my D-town homie David for sending in the video. Enjoy!!

  • nicole

    just when you thought you couldnt love the girl anymore!

  • Ria


  • Nathan

    Not a big fan of this. Much prefer her regular stuff.

  • Ella

    She was just having fun Nathan. :) I loved this. Kelly is my favorite American Idol alum.

  • Juneh

    This is lovely!

  • bleedingEars

    Dear Lana Del Rey, please consult Kelly Clarkson the next time you attempt a cover.

  • MM

    So good! She is seriously bad-ass, love her!

    Here is a more complete video:

  • Kim

    This would have been killer to see live! I am sad I was working and couldn’t catch the show

  • mqs

    It was a fan request. She was just having fun she’s not a rapper at least she tried her best to do it better than taylor swift and justin bieber.