Watch: Justin Timberlake And Clint Eastwood Star In ‘Trouble With The Curve’

JT Meets CE

I know a lot of you are hankering for some new music from Justin Timberlake, so this may not be the best news you’ve heard all day… but… he’s got another movie coming out. Sorry guys. But at least it looks good! Trouble With The Curvewill most def get compared to last year’s critically-acclaimed film Moneyball. It’s another baseball movie that looks all amazing and emotionally-driven so I’m totally in. Plus there’s the Clint Eastwood factor and the part where I’m willing to admit that I’m a fan of Justin Timberlake‘s acting! Yup. Loved him in Alpha Dog. Loved him in The Social Network. Judge me if you will. Throw in a little Amy Adams and the director who worked with Clint Eastwood on Million Dollar Baby and I’m seeing very good things. Plus the trailer made me tear up a bit, but those may be leftover tears from the drama over Aaliyah‘s album. Not sure.

Trouble With The Curve hits theatres September 21.

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  1. Karen

    I hated Moneyball but this does look good. I’m glad it seems that there will be some comedic moments because otherwise I’d have to do more crying than I like! That father-daughter thing.

    • Karen, I hear you. Clint Eastwood just makes me cry, like, in general. But… Moneyball?! You hated?!

    • Karen

      Yeah…it was the movie that made me realize I can’t stand Brad Pitt as an actor. Since he was the focus, I felt bored and irritated the whole time. What drove it home was a scene that was all close-ups of his face while he made a decision; I realized that his face pretty much only has one or two expressions. I was happy to watch his face when he was hot — Thelma and Louise, River Runs Through It. But he’s not hot to me anymore… I was so happy whenever Phillip Seymore Hoffman came on the screen because even with such a small part, he’s just compelling as an actor. Because his face expresses things. Unlike Brad’s. So I hated it, but it may not have been the movie’s fault. :)

    • Karen, LMAO. I am cracking UP over here! I liked Moneyball, but you’re not wrong about Brad. LOL :)

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