Missy Elliot Denies Any Knowledge Of An Aaliyah Project


Just when we thought this issue had been put to rest, Twitter got involved. Well, not Twitter, but I’m citing Twitter because I need something to blame for all this back-and-forth he-said-she-said confirmation/denial drama over the Aaliyah project. It seems like only yesterday (because it was yesterday) that we were getting the final say from Blackground Records, who confirmed that Missy Elliot and Timbaland would work on a posthumous Aaliyah album which would feature previously unreleased songs and new songs, some of which would include Drake (like the first single we heard). This news was comforting to some of us– mainly the part where Missy and Timb would be involved– but hours later, Missy Elliot was denying any knowledge of or involvement with the project. Deets inside.

Complex was able to get a screen shot of the now-deleted tweet:

I don’t know what to make of this. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where I am! I feel like this is always how it goes down when someone is not here to oversee the handling of their own music: drama. I am no longer going to claim to have any confirmation from anyone about anything regarding this project! Or at least, all statements will now come with some kind of disclaimer.

Here’s really, really hoping they get it together (whoever ‘they’ are,) and produce a good album, in the name of Aaliyah.


  • ella

    Yeah, when I was reading the statement from Blackground that you posted, I was wondering what they really meant – they weren’t really clear about how Missy and Timb were gonna be involved, right? I was thinking, maybe they mean that they’re involved in that they had written and produced some of the unreleased material. That wouldn’t necessarily mean that they’re going to be part of the team now who turns the unreleased material into a new album, right?

  • My guess is that Blackground is COUNTING on Missy and Timbaland’s involvement even tho a deal isn’t done yet. The fact that Missy deleted her tweet says to me she jumped the gun by speaking publicly. As soon as her tweet went live, someone prolly urged her to delete it because she may get involved at some point. This album cannot happen without Missy and Tim, that’s the bottom line.

  • nicole

    *sigh* i never thought i would ever say this…but i kind of wish this new Aaliyah project would just go away. its such a horrible mess, that i feel like it will end up so poorly done.