Grant Bowler Comments Publicly On His ‘Liz & Dick’ Co-Star Lindsay Lohan


In May we learned that Aussie actor Grant Bowler won the role of Richard Burton opposite Lindsay Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor in the forthcoming Lifetime made for TV movie Liz & Dick. In June, we got our first look at Bowler as Burton in a promo pic from the film. Today we get to hear from the man himself about what he thinks of Lindsay. We all have our own opinions on the troubled young actress. Some folks love her, some hate her, some love to hate her and vice versa. But what does her co-star think of her? Click below and find out.

Australian actor Grant Bowler has appeared in stacks of big shows. True Blood. Ugly Better. The Amazing Race Australia. But nothing has gotten him as much press as his role opposite Lindsay Lohan in her new movie Liz & Dick! Grant plays Richard Burton opposite Lindsay’s Liz Taylor, and we tracked him down at Comic-Con and found out what he really thinks of Lindsay. Grant told our own Renee Peterson, “She’s a very bright lady. She’s a very intelligent woman, she’s been in the business since she was a kid … she’s carrying a lot of baggage for somebody that young, and she’s trying to fight her way back. She’s got great instincts, when she’s on point and she’s with you there in a scene she’s just fantastic.”

I mean, duh, of course he’s going to say positive things about the co-star who will feature in his as-yet unreleased new project. BUT, I think it’s very telling that amidst all the lovely things he says about Lindsay, he throws in a huge qualifier. “WHEN she’s on point …”, he says, she’s just “fantastic”. But what about when she’s not on point? What then? Is she always on point? I honestly cannot say that I’ve been impressed with anything Lindsay Lohan has acted in since Mean Girls 45 years ago so I’m still waiting for her to get back “on point”. As I’ve said all along, she does have the chance here to turn her career around but I’m not willing to believe it until I see it for myself. It was very nice of Grant Bowler to be as positive about Lindsay’s work in Liz & Dick as possible. But seeing is believing so … we’ll see.


  • miguel

    “Ugly Better”…LOL.

  • Scott

    quell surprise, yet another Trent thread dissing Lindsay. Yawn already Trent. Let go of the hate.

    • @Scott — Hate? LOL. You clearly don’t understand the meaning of the word. I don’t “hate” Lindsay, or anyone for that matter. She hasn’t proven herself as an actress in many, many years. It’s not “hateful” to say so. I’m hopeful she’ll deliver a great acting performance and, as I continue to make clear, I’m keeping an open mind.

  • Karen

    I had the exact same reaction to his “when she’s on point” comment. I do hope she can pull herself together eventually. Seem like she is trying, but I think it’s going to take awhile, given everything she did to herself.

  • Scott

    lol whatevs trent…try again HATER