Bring On The Freestyle Jams


Yesterday was a very quiet, very do-nothing day … and I mean … I did … nothing. After all the running around I’ve been doing lately, I think I was entitled to a day off. Today, tho, will be a different story. Later this afternoon, Ollie and I will be making our way out to Montebello, CA to attend the 8th annual Freestyle Festival concert that will feature live performances by The Cover Girls, Stacy Q, Trinere, Debbie Deb, Crystal Waters, Dino, Connie, Stevie B, Cynthia, Robin S & Lisa Lisa. That’s right, some of THE most amazing freestyle music artists of the 90’s — all on one stage.

Ollie first alerted me to this amazing concert line-up early last month and I knew that we had to attend. I can’t even tell you … Stacy Q, Dino, Stevie B, Crystal Waters, Trinere, Lisa Lisa — these people were my JAM when I was little. I am so excited, omg. With a line-up this big, you know the show is going to go late. Even if it’s terrible, it’s going to be amazing. SO EXCITED! I’m not sure if your Saturdays will be as exciting as this but I surely hope it is. Have yourselves an amazing weekend, yo!

  • Shannon T.

    LUCKY!!!!! I just recently downloaded some of these artists on my pod!

  • Rhianon

    I am so jealous of you right now!

  • kiskillilla

    I saw Dino and The Cover Girls open for New Kids back when I was in middle school. Good times…

  • Claire

    Omggggg I worked in montebello when I lived out there!