Watch: The Stars Of ‘Beverly Hills, 90210′ Appear In New Commercials For Old Navy


It’s Back to School shopping time and that means that kiddies all across the country will be dragged to various retail outlets by their parents to buy new clothes for the coming school year. In order to inspire both kids and parents for the yearly shopping sojourn, a new crop of clever TV commercials has been unleashed upon the world. The cleverest of the new commercials out this year come from Old Navy. Two new commercials featuring some of the stars of the hit 90’s TV series Beverly Hills, 90210 have been released … and they are MUST WATCH for both their nostalgia factor and their cheese factor. The first of these 2 new commercials can be watched in full above, the second commercial can be watched below.

LOL! These commercials are the best! I’m not sure which one I like the most — the one starring Kelly (played by Jennie Garth) or the one starring Andrea (played by Gabrielle Carteris) … I mean, duh, the first one is great because it features both Dylan (played by Luke Perry) AND Brandon (played by Jason Priestly) but the second commercial gives a funny nod to Andrea’s never-ending love obsession with Brandon :) It’s a shame that Brenda (played by Shannen Doherty) wasn’t asked to appear in either of these commercials but who knows, maybe a third Brenda-centric commercial is on the way? These Old Navy commercials are great but they really feel more targeted toward the parents of Back to School shoppers rather than the kids themselves ;)

  • Serenity

    I watched these before reading your post and thought, “How cheesy – but how nostalgic!” I’m amused to see that you think the same thing!

    I like the second one more, probably because of that quick nod to Andrea’s crush on Brandon.

  • nicole

    when i saw one of the commercials on tv last night..i was dieing! i kinda love these haha

  • BriK

    The first one is the best. Don’t you remember “I choose ME!”

  • JeniLeeSK8

    Dont think there’s a Shannen one on the way or I am sure her or Jennie would have tweeted about it. But it woulda been fantastic if they included BOTH of the big triangles in that commercial. Have the love square haha. Personally I always preferred the Brenda Dylan Kelly triangle to the Brandon Kelly Dylan one.

    • @JeniLeeSK8 — “Personally I always preferred the Brenda Dylan Kelly triangle to the Brandon Kelly Dylan one.” I agree with you completely.

    • JeniLeeSK8

      Ok Trent who did you root for in these triangles? I was always die hard Brenda/Dylan and Brandon/Kelly!

    • @JeniLeeSK8 — Me too. The only time I hated Kelly was when she was going after/with Dylan :)

    • JeniLeeSK8

      Me too!!!!!! And season 4 she was still not likeable. Getting pissy at Brenda when she got arrested, not liking Dylan being friends with her etc. Ick. But other than that loved Kelly.