Watch: Judd Apatow’s ‘This Is 40′ Gets A Brand Spankin’ New Trailer


A little while back we were all LOAO at the first trailer for This Is 40, and rightfully so. Judd Apatow has been bringing us some serious laughs over the years and I think this year will prove to be an equally good time, with the onset of his newest project, the ‘sort-of sequel’ to Knocked Up. Now what I love, love, love about this new trailer is that it’s actually new! Like, 90% of this consists of footage we’ve never seen from this movie… including Megan Fox looking like the anti-40 in her bra and panties. And Paul Rudd on the toilet… although I feel like we’ve seen both of these images at other points in life. Anyway, it was good times all around. Checkie out!

This Is 40 hits theatres December 21.