Robin Thicke Takes His Son Julian Fuego Out For A Stroll


Papa Thicke must have wanted to give his wife Paula Patton a little beauty rest the other day. He hit up a little park area in Beverly Hills with their son Julian Fuego, and the two looked absolutely adorable. Julian’s curly blonde (formerly red, lol) hair is to die for, and Robin Thicke was looking… very Robin Thicke… AKA all kinds of sexy. But only if you’re into that kind of rugged, dreamboat look… or whatever. Anyway, two-year old Julian looked like he was having a pretty sweet time, barefoot and taking in the wonder of nature with his Dad. I’m also thinking Julian is enjoying the good life as an only child. Robin recently spoke about holding off on having any more children, especially while he’s working on the new ABC singing competition Duets. So for now, baby Julian is king, and rightfully so! Check out the gallery, and feel free to start humming Will Smith’s 1998 jam (and you know it was the jam) Just The Two Of Us. It totally makes for a cuter viewing experience. And speaking of jams, I’m currently jamming to Robin Thicke’s throwback song with Lil Wayne. Shooter’s inside!

In case y’all forgot:

Photo Credit: Nancy Rivera/ACE/