It’s Official! Arsenio Hall Is Returning To Late Night TV In 2013


Back in the early 90’s, Arsenio Hall hosted one of THE most popular late night talk shows on TV. Today we learn that Arsenio is coming back to late night TV. CBS has signed Hall to host a new late night talk show that is set to debut next year. This should come as amazing news to those of you who remember how pop culturally significant The Arsenio Hall Show was back in the 90’s. Arsenio’s show was the place for celebrities to visit when they wanted to reach out to the cool crowd. Everyone from Madonna to Prince to then-Arkansas governor Bill Clinton running for President paid a visit to Arsenio’s couch. After all these years, he’s bringing his couch back to late night TV.

It is now official: The Arsenio Hall late-night syndicated talk show will debut in Fall 2013 as CBS TV Distribution has sold the strip to stations in more than 85% of the country. Tribune Broadcasting was CTD’s original producing partner that provided the anchor station group with its 17 stations, including the top three markets. Now the strip has been cleared in all of the top 50 markets. In addition to the Tribune, CBS Television and local TV stations that initially signed on, stations from Sinclair Broadcasting, LIN Television Stations, Belo Corp., Cox Enterprises, Media General, Post-Newsweek Stations, Newport Television, Raycom Media and The Grant Group have also picked up the show.

This is so exciting … really. If this new Arsenio Hall TV show is half as good as his original show was, we are all in for a treat. There were so many memorable moments on The Arsenio Hall Show that I couldn’t possibly list them all. EVERYONE appeared on the show. I vividly remember when Bill Clinton went on the show, played his saxophone, charmed a nation then won the US Presidency … but I also remember a couple of fantastic musical performances and interviews. Here are video clips of some of my favorite moments from The Arsenio Hall Show

Paula Abdul performs Straight Up (Arsenio appeared in the music video for this song):

Prince performs My Name Is Prince without showing his face:

Madonna gives a very Madonna interview:

In the early 2000’s, VH1 aired a series called Arsenio Jams that replayed some of the greatest moments in Arsenio Hall Show history (which is where this clip of Madonna comes from). Soon, we’ll have new Arsenio Hall moments to watch on TV. I’m not sure that this new Arsenio Hall show can match the HUGE success of his first show but I’m willing to find out. It’ll be really amazing to have Arsenio Hall back on late night TV. He’s been sorely missed.

Do any of y’all remember The Arsenio Hall Show? Which performances, interviews, moments were YOUR faves?


  • Shannon

    I’m watching throwback episodes right now.This is nuts!

    • @Shannon — You have no idea. The Arsenio Hall Show was every.damn.thing. So many amazing moments … Tupac, MC Hammer, En Vogue … I mean, far too many moments to list ;)

  • dee

    I cannot wait until Arsenio Hall and is scary long E.T. fingers are back on TV! I loveed his show!