First Look: Showtime Releases A First Poster For ‘Dexter’ Season 7


Last month we got to check out a creepy new promo video for the forthcoming 7th season of Dexter. Shortly thereafter, we got to watch the first 2 mintues of the new season. Today we get to feast our eyes on a new promo poster for the newest season of Dexter. As you may know, if you’re all caught up on the show, things changed drastically at the very end of Dexter season 6. This new season picks up right where that season left off. Check out the poster below to get an eyeful of what’s to come in season 7.

Longtime Dexter fans know that Dexter likes to cut the faces of his victims before he doles out his brand of serial killer justice. So what do you think it means that this poster features Dexter with a face cut of his own? We know that Dexter’s sister Deb caught him in the act of killing the Doomsday Killer at the very end of last season, so what does that mean from here on out? Will Dexter have to silence Deb? Will Deb accept that her brother is a serial killer? The new season of Dexter should answer those questions … and will, likely pose new ones. I can’t wait. CANNOT WAIT. This poster is just a really great reminder that Dexter Season 7 will premiere on Showtime on Sunday September 30.


  • Alyssa

    Can’t wait!!!!

  • Joan

    AAAAAH! So excited… I hope the cut that whole incest-kind-of-love story line, though…Other than that, I cannot wait to see what happens.

    • @Joan — “I hope the cut that whole incest-kind-of-love story line” I agree. I’m really not feeling the whole Deb’s in love with Dexter thing :/ Everything else, tho, OMGCAN’TWAIT!!!

  • Amanda

    if you look on IBM
    The final episode of Dexter is Titled
    “Lethal injection”…. we know what the cut represents …
    As much as I am looking forward to this season , I am also heavy heartedly dreading it :(

  • the3walcks

    Ok I am sorry if this posts twice because I am not sure if the first one went through???? I want to thank you for turning me onto Dexter!! I LOVE IT!!!! A long time ago I watched the first episode or part of it and decided I dint think I would like it. Then I seen this post and thought well I need something to watch anyways while I crochet and so I started from season 1 and OH MY GOD IS IT GREAT!!! I was crying at the end where he killed his brother. Every episode had me watching so close. So again Thank You for leading me to this great show!!!

    • @the3walcks — Yay! I’m glad you love it. That’s how I got into the show. I watched the first few eps of season 1 and liked it then got SUCKED IN COMPLETELY! Stick with it, Season 2 is really really GOOD :D

  • the3walcks

    I cant get over how good this show is !! It has every emotion in it. As you said season 2 was great and now on season 3 I just got done watching where he kills Camilla because she is so sick. I was crying again. It really is so emotional. I have been telling all my friends that they seriously need to watch this show. From the time I get up till I goto bed It is Dexter all day :) I was heart broken because the show House ended and now I can be happy again. Thanks again so much for showing me the best show ever :)

  • the3walcks

    Oh Dear God! I just got done watching the end of season 4 and I am hysterical! Why Rita?? The baby ending up just like him. I dont know if I can watch anymore. I love the show but my god is this sad. Can I recover from this shock? Was it the trinity killer? No one I know watches this so I have to write on here about it because you know the show and how good it is :) I just dont know though if I can keep watching after this.