Ryan Lochte Reveals An Interest In Acting At His 28th Birthday At Planet Hollywood In London


Last night in London, Ryan Lochte dried himself off, covered up his Speedo and made his way to Planet Hollywood to celebrate his 28th birthday with friends and fans. Now that Ryan’s swimming events at the London 2012 Olympic Games are finished, he can get on with the partying. Even tho it’s much more fun to see photos of Ryan when he’s wet and wearing next to nothing, you might want to click below to see what homie looks like when he’s all dressed up in a spiffy suit. You also have to read what Ryan has to say about a potential new career … in acting.

Ryan Lochte may set hearts racing when he’s wearing nothing but his Speedo, but the man likes to put on a suit! (The kind with sleeves and long pants, we mean.) “It’s great to be outside of the swimming pool and to get dressed up,” the two-time London gold medalist told E! News at a 28th-birthday bash in his honor at Planet Hollywood London. And though he spent Sunday night partying in the company of a few women in addition to his teammates, Lochte also said that he’s enjoying “getting to know the guys more.” In fact, the perceived party animal, who turned 28 last Friday, revealed that he just laid low at his hotel on the actual day … As for when he gets back to Florida, where he just bought a new home, Lochte says that, first, he wants to eat a “big American burger.” And then… “I think acting would be fun,” mused the photogenic athlete. “I think I would be good at it.”

Ryan. My friend. Listen. Don’t go into acting, trust me. Oh you poor boy. See, you’re very good at swimming and I’m certain you are very good at a great many other things … but acting, I’m telling you, it’s not your thing. If anyone has ever heard Ryan Lochte try to give an interview, they know what I’m talking about. If you are unfamiliar with Ryan’s interview skills, click HERE to see what I’m talking about. The dear lad has difficulty forming actual sentences when he speaks so … I’m thinking he might not have the ability to act whole scripts of written words. Stick to what you know, you’re good at it. No acting, Ryan. Just …. no.

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

  • Ashley

    When Ryan gets home he needs to higher a publicist and a stylist stat. Someone needs teach him not to over share to the media and control what his mother say. A stylist to pick out what he should wear because he has horrible taste. I mean look at that suit. Plus I’m sure designer around the world wants to put this dream boat in some nice clothes bot that crap he got on

    • Lauren xx

      The suit’s not bad, but that jacket does not fit… it ruins his whole look. He doesn’t need a stylist, he needs a good tailor!

    • pgmontgo

      The jacket does not fit. Period.

    • Ben@pr

      @Ashley, totally agreed. For the acting part I think he might receive some offers because Hollywood is FULL with pretty faces and no talented actors.

  • Joan

    This dude! Seriously… I totally agree with hiring a publicist, Ashley. LOL

  • Meg

    Well, I guess if William Shatner and Nick Cage could do it…

    • @Meg — But William and Nick can speak in complete sentences ….

    • Meg

      Fine point you make there!

  • Erica Croce

    Holy crap, he’s 28? He has such a toolbag fratboy persona that I thought he was still college-age (or that just-outta-college-but-can’t-quite-grow-up-yet stage of life). But 28? Two years older than me?

    No, bro. This doesn’t work anymore. No excuses. And a big NO to acting!

  • pgmontgo

    Sad thing is he DOES have a publicist.

    • pgmontgo

      Or rather a sports agent. Erika Wright. I don’t know what a sports agent does but he needs a PR person….stat.

  • Krissy

    Oh no. Why do I feel like he is soon going to be set up with a Kardashian of some sort?

    To be fair, sometimes people have a hard time thinking of the right words to say. With acting, you have someone telling you what to say, so maybe that would actually help him. I think his next career should be undwear model. Just saying… ;)