Justin Timberlake Is Reportedly Working On New Music [UPDATE]


OK, brace yourselves, y’all … there is a new interview out today with producer Jim Beanz that CLAIMS that Justin Timberlake is currently working on new music for a reported new album. Thus far, there are no solid details about this new music project but if Beanz is correct, then we might get to hear something new from JT relatively soon. Of course, there is no way of knowing how far along Justin may be in the “early stages” of his new music project … Hell, we don’t even know if this report of new music is even true but … it is very possible that Beanz is spilling the beans on JT’s secret. HMMM. UPDATE: Timberlake’s publicist has issued a statement on reports of new JT music. Read what the publicist has to say below.

Six years after the release of his sophomore studio album, “FutureSex/LoveSounds,” Justin Timberlake is reportedly back in the studio. According to Digital Spy, J.T. is working with Timbaland for “Shock Value 3″ and allegedly his own “project.” “It’s still in the early stages, but they have a lot of tracks,” producer Jim Beanz stated in an interview with the UK site. “While I’ve been over here in the UK they’ve been working, so by the time I get back they’ll have a whole load of ideas and I’m going to have to catch up!” Beanz, who’s produced tracks for the likes of Britney Spears and Katy Perry, is reportedly scheduled to join the duo once he returns to the United States. When asked if the singer is concerned with topping “FutureSex/LoveSounds,” he revealed it is of no concern. “There are certain artists who live in the moment and the reason why ‘FutureSex/LoveSounds’ was so amazing is because he didn’t try to top Justified,” Beanz said. “Everything is so similar that it’s about topping that and doing something different, and that’s what they are going for. He’s going to kill it.”

You know, I don’t know a thing about Jim Beanz but I have a feeling this report is true. It wouldn’t surprise me if Justin has been cooking up new tunes for a while now. Having Beanz leak this information is a great way to cause buzz about the project. Undoubtedly, this story of new JT music will make the rounds online and folks will be primed for a possible official announcement later this year. I’ve always suspected we’d get new music from Timberlake at some point. I mean, let’s face it, his acting isn’t all that. I welcome the return of JT to the music scene, don’t you?

UPDATE: BOOOOOOOOO! I guess Beanz don’t know shizz because Justin Timberlake’s publicist just shot down this report as untrue:

According to Timberlake’s publicist, there are currently no plans for a new album, though JT is working with Timbaland on tracks for Shock Value 3 (he appeared on each of the first two installments of the series). But as for other music, “That’s it,” said the spokesperson.

LOL. Well, I guess that’s that. I guess it’s *possible* that Justin may be … oh nevermind, it’s not worth getting our hopes up again. To Mr. Jim Beanz, I have this to say to you — YOU SUCK, DUDE! Blah!

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  • Krissy

    Booo!! I got my hopes up, but just read this, ” Timberlake’s publicist tells EW.com that the only plans in the works are for “Shock Value 3″ and “that’s it.” The original story continues below.”

    So according to his publicist, he is NOT making new music.

  • Lauri

    He needs to come out with new music- 6 years is WAY to friggin’ long. His acting isn’t awful…but aside from his stints on SNL, it’s not terribly noteworthy I don’t think.

  • miguel

    :( I looved FS/LS and have been EAGERLY anticipating a new record…this just broke my heart. :'(

  • Joanna

    I just don’t get JT sometimes. He is a fantastic singer and performer who became massive after his first two solo albums and then he puts all of that on the back burner for a less than stellar movie career. On what planet is he where he believes his success lies more in movies than music? Other than The Social Network, his roles have been just OK at best if even less than that. He needs to get his ass into a recording studio and churn out another “Futuresex/Lovesounds” before people begin to forget he was a massively successful entertainer.

  • nicole

    i cant believe its been 6 years!

  • Krissy

    Since he is working on Timbaland’s album, at least we still get to hear some JT music of some sort, right? RIGHT?

    It is so funny, because I was never a JT fan when he was Nsync. I thought his voice was too nasal and whinny. However, when his solo stuff came out I was blown away. Little did I know I should have savored it while it lasted….sigh. ;)

  • Jake Kelly
  • kim

    thank the Lord…. JT the muic world needs you. You are NOT an actor…. JT and Timbaland…. give us your worst

  • Dezden

    :( WE. NEED. NEW. JT. MUSIC. I got excited about the news, but I did think it was too good to be true… and apparently it was. Gahhh!