Christina Aguilera Channels Hollywood Glamour In A New Promo Photo


Last month we learned that Christina Aguilera will be releasing a new Max Martin-produced single sometime this month and altho the song has yet to be released we do get to check out a hot new Xtina promo photo. From the look of this new photo, shot by Jake Bailey, Xtina is not messing around. Where some of her previous promo photos were, well, messy … this new image is clean, classic and extremely stylish. Check out the full size image below and see what I mean.

Christina Aguilera is gearing up to release a brand new album by the end of this year, and if this gorgeous promo shot is any indication, we should expect something far more subtle than the hot mess that was 2010′s Bionic. The black-and-white pic, photographed by Jake Bailey, is an extremely flattering shot of the pop star, and evokes a vintage, classic era, and thankfully does not feature Ms. Aguilera sporting a ball gag. The Voice coach has described her new LP as “a very heartfelt, deep-rooted, and introspective record,” and word is that her boyfriend, PA-turned-songwriter Matthew Rutler, has penned some tracks for his lady. Her Max Martin-produced lead single is expected to drop sometime this month.

I really, really love this photo. The black and white is very striking, much better than Xtina’s usually garish color photos. While I doubt we’ve seen the last of Xtina’s overuse of red lipstick, I’m glad to see that she is willing to give us different looks from time to time. If this photo is any indication of Xtina’s new style, then I am all for it. She looks amazing. As for her new single, it was supposed to be released in early August and it is early August so … where is it? Hopefully we’ll hear something soon. I love Max Martin’s work so, yeah, it should be a hot song. I can’t say I’m too excited to hear that Xtina’s boyfriend Matthew Rutler is writing some of her songs, it just sounds like a bad idea but … well, we’ll see. HMMM. But this photo? I love it … do you?


  • Kristen

    Looks like she’s channeling Maria Callas.

  • Juneh

    She looks amazing! I’m hoping she can.. you know.. keep it up and don’t go overboard like she’s done in the past.

  • Tony

    Photoshop all the way! We all know she does not look like that right now. But nice photo overall.

  • rOXy

    I do love this photo, but didn’t she already wear out the old Hollywood glamour look when she was married? I’ve seen pictures with her makeup more natural, pinkish lipstick and toned down blonde and she looked fresh and amazing. I’d like to see that look more often.

  • Krissy

    It is a beautiful photograph. Curious to hear what her new music sounds like.

  • Lynne

    Very pretty. I love that for every album she gives us a new taste of music (from other genres). Maybe it’ll be a little more jazzy and bluesy? Just from looking at the pic. I’m also with ya Trent, on the whole boyfriend turned songwriter, not a good idea, but we’ll see or hear.

  • nicole

    oooh love the photo. im excited for new music

  • CC

    I love this photo. The photographer did say, though, that it has nothing to do with the new cd. And it was taken last year.

    • @CC — Perhaps it can be used as inspiration for the next album era. Xtina has never looked better, THIS is the look she should be rocking.

  • Cupcake