Watch: Penn Badgley Performs ‘Lilac Wine’ By Jeff Buckley Live In Concert


Back in September of last year we got our first look at Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley in character as the late musician Jeff Buckley on the set of the forthcoming biopic film Greetings from Tim Buckley. Today we get to HEAR Badgley performing a Buckley song, giving us our first taste of what his performance in the biopic film will sound like. While I was concerned that Penn doesn’t really look much like Jeff Buckley I am happy to hear that he does sound like him when he sings. Click below to listen to Jeff Buckley’s performance of Lilac Wine to compare.

What do y’all think? Based on this performance, do you think Penn Badgley will make a good Jeff Buckley in the forthcoming biopic film?

  • Rani

    It cerntainly gave me the chills…

  • emily

    Hey Trent, love ya lots, but it’s not an original Jeff Buckley song. Originally written in the 50s and covered by numerous artists (I LOVE the Nina Simone one – gives you chills). The post makes it sound like Buckley’s original song, but it’s not his. Great song though, understandable why it’s covered so much.

  • CherryCola

    sORRY Trent baby, Penn is just no Jeff.. his notes were so faulty it was hard to overlook the lack of smooth. Jeff had a way of ‘owning’ the breaks he had in his voice and Penn does not cut it. I feel a bit embarassed for Penn, hopefully his acting will make up for his lack of tune.

    • @CherryCola — “Penn is just no Jeff” LOL, I know that.