Watch: Kelly Clarkson Performs ‘Don’t Speak’ By No Doubt In Concert


Kelly Clarkson continues to perform AMAZING renditions of some of her favorite songs as she tours the US and this past weekend in Phoenix, AZ was no exception. As you may recall, we’ve previously heard Kelly cover Britney Spears (twice — HERE and HERE) and Madonna (HERE) but this weekend, she set her sights on No Doubt. Watch the video above to hear Kelly’s rendition of Don’t Speak. She kills it, y’all. KILLS. IT.

  • Dezden

    Gahhh, I just love her!

  • Sarah

    Just WOW. She’ll always be my one and only American Idol

  • nicole

    its official – theres nothing she cant do.

  • Lauri

    I’m not a Kelly Clarkson ‘fan’ at all, but I took my little sisters to a show a couple years back- she was SO impressive and earned a LOT of respect. She did “Seven Nation Army,” at that show, complete with red & white lighting. :)

  • Jacqui

    yikes Kell. Super pitchy.

  • Pepo

    Pitchy??? Are you freaking kidding me? That was amazing.

  • SZL

    She is amazing! I love this cover. Good thing there is still someone who can still sing. Most artists out there can’t really sing live these days.