Watch: Frank Ocean Covers Sade’s ‘By Your Side’


Quick question: why am I not at Lollapalooza right now? All sorts of madness is going down– mainly in the way of Frank Ocean covering Sade’s 2002 smash ballad By Your Side during his set– and I’m not there?! A travesty, to say the least. Well, this is why the gods invented YouTube. Someone was kind enough to record the performance for us, and they did a really good job… except for the part where they didn’t get the entire thing, but two minutes is quite enough. In fact, it’s probably too much. I don’t need Frank Ocean tryna break up my happy home with all his croon-age. And boy, can he croon. *Commence swooning* And running back to YouTube to find the original version. And then back to listening to Frank’s Channel Orange. And then back to swooning. Rinse. Repeat. In fact, I’m just gonna put that Sade video inside for you. Thank me later ;)

Shouts-out to the original:

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  • Lacey Kost
  • jenn

    love. just love.

    • Shannon

      Ditto :)

  • Andy