Swinging Into NYC


Early yesterday morning, I boarded a train from Hartford, CT bound for NYC, NY all by my lonesome as I’m spending a few days here in the city. David had to fly back to LA to get back to his empire so I hit the rails for the Big Apple. I have planned for each of my days here something really fun … but I didn’t know what time I would be getting into NYC so I wasn’t sure which plans to make. Because I got here early and managed to get work done in time, I was able to see a matinee performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. This was the second time I saw the show and I have to tell you, I enjoyed it A LOT more this second time.

Now, y’all know that I’m a grown man (well, technically) but I’m still pretty much a damn kid, too. And this damn kid was kinda anxious to come into the city all by myself. I’m happy to report that I managed to make the trip successfully and without incident … erm, just like any 13 year old kid would be able to do. Still, I was very proud of my accomplishment …

… which is why I decided to treat myself to the Spider-Man musical. David and I saw the show in its original Julie Taymour-directed incarnation early last year (you may recall that version of the show caused much serious injury to some performers and was panned to DEATH by critics, Taymor was let go, the show was revamped and reopened a couple of months later). This was my first time seeing the amended show and I am happy to report that Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark is MUCH MUCH better now:

I’d say the show is at least 60% changed, and for the better. The part of the Green Goblin is bigger, the part of Arachne is smaller and the stupid Greek Chorus is gone altogether. The first act is still a bit sluggish but once Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man (still played by Reeve Carney), the show really takes off. The high-flying acrobatics are still intact and they are as exciting as ever. Unfortunately, the music and songs by Bono and The Edge are still really terrible and forgettable — which is usually a death sentence for a musical show. But because the real draw is the arial work in the show, Spider-Man will continue to do well. AND as an added bonus, you can take YOUR PHOTO with Spider-Man!!!! Yeah, I’m still a damn kid. I’m glad I went back to see the show again because now I can heartily endorse it to others.

This afternoon, my friend Halli and I are going to CONEY ISLAND! I’ve never been and Halli is a seasoned New Yorker pro so I’m really excited. I will take tons of photos, believe that. My time in NYC has just gotten underway and I still have so much to do. More friends to hang out with, more shows to see, more NY to enjoy. Wee!!!

  • Jstar

    Trent–you must eat a Nathan’s hot dog and fries at Coney Island!!!

  • Adriana

    Hope I’ll see you around the city! It would make my week :) Are you running while here?!?!

  • BCDanielle

    Glad you had such a great time! I loved Once. For a first time Broadway experience, it was truly magical. I highly recommend it:) Also, I apologize if i worded my other tweet weirdly; it would have been cool to have run into you on the street:)

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    I came out of the closet in the boardwalk in Coney Island years ago.I met my first trick in the USA there in August 28,19XX at about 9:00 PM.It has been a great life since I came out and got rid of having to pretend who I was not.Truly the best thing that has ever happened to me.Since I’m straight looking and acting I have never experienced discrimination or scorn.

    • Kent

      RE: “Since I’m straight looking and acting I have never experienced discrimination or scorn.”
      That has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read from a gay man. For me, I’m REALLY gay looking, and SUPER gay acting… and I haven’t been scorned either. So how do you explain that? Actually wait a minute… don’t bother.

  • Shazzer

    I am glad you got to see it again. I saw it in its original form and twice since they fixed it and it is leaps and bounds better. I enjoy it very, very much. I am sad that Patrick Page has ended his run as the Green Goblin though. He was spectacular.

    Trent, did you get the pistachio soft serve at Denny’s in Coney Island? I am telling you, it’s magical.