Jennifer Lawrence Is In Talks To Star In ‘The Ends Of The Earth’

Everybody Lurves Lawrence

Another movie of presumably epic proportions is being lined up for Jennifer Lawrence AKA Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Games. The young starlet is currently in talks with The Weinstein Company to play the lead in a movie based on the real-life love story of an oil tycoon and his adopted daughter. Like many of us, I’m at the point where, if Lawrence is signing on, I’m signing up to stalk this film until it comes out. Commence stalking with deets inside.

The Hollywood Reporter has the story:

Jennifer Lawrence is in discussions to star in the epic love story The Ends of the Earth, which the Weinstein Co. said Monday it will finance and distribute.

TWC has acquired worldwide rights from Escape Artists, which will produce the film.
The screenplay, based on true events and written by Chris Terrio (Argo), concerns a powerful oil tycoon, Ernest Marland, who loses everything after a controversial love affair with his adopted daughter Lydie, the role that Lawrence would play.

“Jennifer Lawrence shows the skill of a seasoned veteran in everything she does, and we’re thrilled to be working with her again,” TWC co-chairman Harvey Weinstein said of the actress, who also stars in TWC’s upcoming The Silver Linings Playbook.

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We got to see the trailer for Silver Linings a while back and it looked so, so good! Jennifer plays alongside Bradley Cooper, and the trailer was all things adorkable, hilarious, and smart.

I know very little about the storyline for this new movie, but from the tiny bit that we got, I’m definitely intrigued. And if the Weinsteins are eyeing this girl for their upcoming projects, we can probably continue to expect very good things.

Who’s down for a little/a lot more Lawrence in their lives?


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