Heidi Klum Learns How To Train Dragons


Heidi Klum can wear anything … from the simplest casual outfits, to the most glamorous red carpet gowns … to absolutely no clothing at all. Which is why it should come as no surprise that Heidi can also rock a viking outfit like nobody can. Heidi was on hand for a special performance of the new show How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY and she got all appropriately dolled up for the occasion. Check out photos of Heidi and her new dragon friend below.

Heidi Klum is renowned for her love of fancy dress, with her annual Halloween parties always a hot ticket. And the German model went all out at a party in New York last night, dressing up in Viking gear and even putting her mouth in the menacing mouth of a dragon. The 39-year-old model, who is in the midst of a divorce with her former husband of seven years Seal, was either having a good time or putting on a brave face last night. She was part of the bash for How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular at Nassau Coliseum in Long Island. The Project Runway host grinned widely as she posed for the camera wearing a black faux fur vest, a long skirt, leather ‘boots’ and a leather smock. The blonde beauty wore a tan cape around her shoulders, with the piece de resistance of the outfit a horned Viking hat. After putting her head in the mouth of Nadder the dragon, Heidi later posed with two of the stage show’s young stars, Riley Miller (who plays Hiccup) and Gemma Nguyen (Astrid). The North American tour of Dreamworks’ live adaptation of the movie follows the story of a Viking by the name of Hiccup, a scrawny boy who is expected to fight dragons but ends up befriending them instead.

Heidi looks so fab … she is so fun! Her kids are very lucky to have such a free-spirited and fun mom. And can I say, I am in LOVE with this idea of a How To Train Your Dragon live show! I saw the movie and LOVED it. I can tell you right now, I would happily pony up the dough to see a show like this. It’s a shame I don’t have any time to see the show while it’s here in NYC this trip but hopefully the show will make its way to LA. I would totally rock a viking outfit like this for the occasion … I need that hat! Fun!!

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  • Jackie

    I can’t wait to see this show also. Hopefully I can make a show near NYC. :)

  • blaqfury

    I’m so mad I missed this show while it was in DC. It was here for 3 days and all 3 days I was out of town. I was even trying to change my travel plans to work in one of the days, but it was just not in the cards. Hope it comes around again! I absolutely loved that movie!