First Listen: Aaliyah Featuring Drake, ‘Enough Said’


Over the weekend we learned that rapper Drake has taken the reigns on the forthcoming new album release by the late singer Aaliyah which is supposedly due out soon. As you may recall, back in March it was reported that a collection of new, previously unreleased material from Aaliyah would be released on a new album. It was assumed that Timbaland would produce that album. We now know that Drake has, instead, been asked to take control of the project and today we get our first listen of new Aaliyah music. As you might expect, this new song — titled Enough Said — features Drake on guest rap vocals. Take a listen below.

This artwork has been released in conjunction with this new track but it’s unclear if this is the single art for the song Enough Said or if it’s going to be used as the artwork for the forthcoming Aaliyah album. My guess is that it will be used as the single art but I think it would work well as the album cover, too. As for the song, you can listen to it in full here:

OMG, hearing Aaliyah’s voice again gives me chills. As happy as I am to have “new” music from her, it’s really sad to consider what a crazy talent we lost when she died. As for the Drake contribution to the song, well, I’m not crazy about it. I can REALLY do without his insipid “Yo, wass up” chant over and over again. The rap part, again, feels unnecessary to me … but it’s clear that the song is unfinished so I guess there needs to be the added vocal. Personally, I think it would be better if Timbland or Missy Elliott were involved in this project. They nurtured Aaliyah’s career when she was alive, it only seems right for them to have a hand in her work now. What do you think of this song? Are you impressed? Having heard this Aaliyah/Drake collaboration, do you think he is the right guy to oversee the release of Aaliyah’s new album?


  • JCZ

    With you all the way Shannon… I not long ago went through an Aaliyah phase and was listening to No One Knows… at least 5 times a day, so hearing a new track of her angelic voice is great.

    I like the simple production. It’s such an effortless track that manages to stand out. Since Drake is featured, it reminded me of his Successful track with the production and the rhythm of the vocals & rap. But I also agree it could’ve been just a solo track and been better, it’s clear he has been added to appeal to radio and listeners more. Especially if we consider Drake holds the most R&B #1s in such a short career.

    Ahh just the thought of thinking how massive and dominant she would’ve been had she still be with us today. No doubt in my mind when I say she would be bigger than Beyonce.

    • Shannon

      Hey JCZ, Trent actually posted this one, lol. I’m totally not jealous that he knew about this before me… or whatever ;)

      !!!!! Agh!!!! New Aaliyah! Ok, I thought I was fine listening to her old songs over and over but this is so cool! I really missed her voice, even more than I realized.

      Drake on the track? Okaaayyy. It doesn’t sound bad AT ALL, but it also sounds very much like a Drake song, as opposed to a new Aaliyah… although it may be unfair to box her in like that. Who knows what kind of music she’d be making today? Anyway, I’m interested in seeing what else pops off and I reeeeaaaallllly hope Timb & Missy get involved.

    • JCZ

      Apologies to both. I skipped the article to just listen tbh and just assumed, Aaliyah + Shannon, ya know!

      It’s funny cause both you and Trent have your own writing styles, yet at the same time you both read like one another. It’s a great match.

  • al

    If they take Drake out of the song it would be a smash. His aggressiveness on the song takes away from Aaliyah’s cool and soothing vocals…which of course is why timbo and Missy need to rescue that project, because they KNOW her vocal instrument and how to incorporate it into todays music much better than drake, apparently

  • nicole

    oh Aaliyah how i miss you. *sigh* the R&B game would be sooo different if we still had her.

    now Drake – i have one word for him on this track. no. his vocals just dont mesh at all with baby girls.
    I agree with al – this is a huge sign that Timbo & Missy need to get on this project asap and save it, cause i dont think drake will be able to do this project any justice on his own.

  • Bull Hughes

    aww i miss you aaliyah.she was the cooling thing, i can remember listening to her and it made me feel like i was cool too. i think i hate this though and its ridic missy and timb not doing this. this makes me miss her (missy) too.