Watch: Elton John Viciously & OUTRAGEOUSLY Attacks Madonna In A New Interview


Back in March I took issue with comments by Elton John where he opened up about “bullying” he experienced as a gay man even tho he and his husband David Furnish seem to have no problem bullying other people. Earlier this year, Elton and David got into a disgusting public display of bullying when they attacked Madonna for winning the Best Song award at the Golden Globes (Elton, who was also nominated, lost the award to Madonna). Now, just 5 months after Elton shared with the world his sad tale of being bullied, he is at it again with his vicious attacks against Madonna (his attack begins around the 7:30 mark). I warn you, the video about features strong language that is NSFW. If you do not want to watch the video, you can click below to read what sort of really nasty things Elton John has to say now about Madonna.

Why is she such a nightmare? Sorry, her career is over. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger cunt … If Madonna had any common sense she would have made a record like Ray Of Light and stayed away from the dance stuff and just been a great pop singer and make great pop records, which she does brilliantly. But no, she had to go and prove … she looks like a fucking fairground stripper. She’s been horrible to Gaga.

I can’t even express my level of disgust. Elton John is just the most horrid, most pathetic big-mouthed celebrity that I think has ever existed. OK, he may not be the worst but he’s up there with the worst of them. It’s so sad that his hatred and, IMHO, seething jealousy for Madonna has to be expressed in the most misogynistic terms. For Elton John to ever attempt to seek sympathy for the bullying he experienced in life and then to turn around and say things like this ON CAMERA is beyond sad. If he says these things in public, can you imagine what he says in private? And he thinks he can be a spokesperson for anti-bullying? No, he is a sad, jealous hypocrite. I really feel terribly for his baby son. I cannot even begin to imagine the horrible things that little boy will learn from listening to his fathers attack women in this way.

  • Krissy

    What does he think he will accomplish by saying this? I am not a Madonna fan (I used to be though), but this only makes HIM look bad. This is really just childish of him.

  • John Breeze

    There is no need for that kind of vicious attack on anyone. I love Madonna, and I’m also not opposed to criticising her at the best of times. but that was just horrible, vindictive and really bitter.

  • Teófilo Roque Rivas

    He is so bitter.

  • Shannon

    Geeez! Is this what he’s about?!

  • Lisbeth Slander

    Her career is over? Um. She just extended her record breaking run of Top 10 hits earlier this year, was the most viewed Super Bowl half time show in history, is set to again break her own record as having the top female tour of all time and is currently in the top 10 best selling albums WORLDWIDE in 2012.

    When was his last Top 10 hit in America or anywhere for that matter?
    He’s just a seething, catty, jealous old bitch of a queen.

  • AmandaMarie

    I don’t like Madonna at all. Like Elton may be a bad mouthed celebrity, she’s a celebrity that thinks the world revolves around her. Quite frankly I do not find her so talented or innovative. However, he’s out of line.

  • Johnny

    The “funny/sad” thing is that Elton is probably saying publicly what gaga is saying in private … but please someone give Elton some Gaviscon for his acidity and an Imodium to stop his mouth diarrhea.

    • @Johnny — LOL

    • LOL! this is SO true. Even when we’re speculating a bit … but can you people imagine Elton and Gaga drinking tea and talking shit for hours about Madonna, because they just mention Madonna and they look green of envy, jelousy and bitterness. Is SO obvious…. and the best part is that Madonna really doesn’t care! LOL! … she just go on, go forward, and more succesful than ever. Poor loser!

  • stfuChivonne

    There has to be some sort of event that made him hate her so much. I have no idea what is even going on between her and Gaga.

  • La D

    Elton has to be one of the most bitter people around. LOL over her career being over – her current tour is on track to be one of the most successful in history. Just because she tries different avenues and doesn’t rely on playing her same old super popular hits over and over doesn’t mean she’s over. She has 30 years of success under her belt and while Elton sits here and whines, Madonna is out doing what she always does: working. And winning.

  • Kiki

    I’m saying this without watching the video – the word “cunt” is not really offensive in the UK. It’s used much like “bitch.” However, I know Elton’s been acted like a spoiled brat against Madonna for a while.

    • @Kiki — “bitch” isn’t nicer, it’s still a very misogynistic and weak way for a sad man to attack a woman.

    • william

      @Kiki — You’re not British , am I right ? because you don’t know what you’re talking about, sorry. “c*nt” its the worst swear word you could possibly use in England ! believe me, I’m British.

      Bitchy mean gays use it like it’s nothing though. and I guess elton is one of them.

  • Trix

    Elton must be hugely jealous of Madonna. It’s the only rationale for his unprovoked hate. Maybe he’s envious because he hasn’t remained as fit, relevant, and popular as she has? Why in the world is he offering her career advice?? She’s doing just fine (and far better than him) on her own. Nobody wants to become a bitter bore like you, Elton. So thanks but no thanks.

  • James

    Fair play. he’s just saying what half the world thinks. i’m sure he is jealous though. one of the most decorated song writers of all time, sings for the royal family and she………adopts kids and looks old and trampy.

    • Trix

      Yes James, all Madonna does is look old and trampy (how dare she age and not conform!!!!) while Elton sure looks like a youthful supermodel. Oh wait – he’s a guy so he doesn’t get judged on appearance. Only women do, my bad. Good thing M is the most successful female pop artist of all time with 30 years of success, 300 million records sold, the top grossing tour by a solo artist ever, and a net worth of $700 mill to fall back on.

    • Ben@pr

      @Trix, your last sentence is full of FACTS that many people refuse to accept.

    • @James — That bitter queen is SO JEALOUS, it’s sad. True, he is a successful musician but petty hatred like this comes from seething, bitter jealousy. Elton is beyond pressed. BEYOND.

    • rOXy

      James, I am “the world” and I don’t think that. Nor does Trent. You’ve got it wrong, sorry.

  • LCD76

    So Elton supposedly thinks Madonna is being “awful” and a bully to Gaga because she stated her opinion on Gaga’s song when asked directly? While at the same time calling Gaga talented? Yet Elton calls M a c*** and a stripper and says her career is over and that’s OK and not awful?? OK, Elton. Hobble along now.

  • Ben@pr

    I’m with you Trent in how you feel about Elton’s comments towards Madonna. He’s just making a foul of himself and it’s embarrassing. Elton when you sign a 100+ million dollars for multiple years contract your career is FAR from over.

  • Robert Saenz

    I like how he calls Madonna’s MDNA Tour a disaster. A multi-million – years largest, most attended, sold out and still going – disaster.

  • zZ

    Sir Elton John i admired you…but you are trasspasing limits to good education & common sense… Behave darling Behave…
    Is he that desperate to get the attention on his incoming album? ffs sad….

  • adri

    LOL! He really is a bitter human being. It would suck to have all that animosity towards someone, especially when Madonna is always classy towards Elton. I don’t even understand why he had to bring up gaga, it made no sense at all. I agree that he shouldn’t be associated with anti bullying, he a prime example of a classic bully.

  • carlos

    It most be so sad living with such hate toward someone else, feel sorry for his son!!!

  • Kay

    So Madonna can bad mouth anyone she likes and call them names and it’s ok but as soon as Elton does it there’s uproar, O for fuck sake, I’m sorry but there both as bad as each other, just get over it :/ you have all done it so shut up

    • @Kay — The argument “Madonna does it too” doesn’t hold water. The bottom line is that this particular attack comes completely out of nowhere for no reason other than for Elton to cry in public. It’s sad, truly.

  • JCZ

    I know how much you love and would defend Madonna, Trent – but I could not agree with you more, no matter how talented Elton John is (or was?). I mean, I would probably laugh if it was about Gaga, but even still the comments are uncalled for.

    He is criticises her for her controversial publicity stunts – yet, what is he doing right now? Using bullying and harassment as a form of publicity. Isn’t it ironic that what he criticises Madonna for, he praises Gaga?

    I don’t think many people would agree, even non-fans, that her career is over. Even for someone whose album sales lack any excitement or chart placings, she still draws incredible attention and hype with her debut singles and of course the tours. All Elton is these days is a touring act – Madonna is obviously more successful with touring than recording these days, but she is still doing both substantially greater than what Elton is… I mean the old man waddles when we walks!

    I know everyone is entitled to their opinion but no matter who, if you can’t say something nice publicly, don’t say it at all. A lot of people say “Say it to my face, backstabber” but I would prefer someone to say something negative behind closed doors, celebrity or not cause it’s sad that people with so much hate, have to present it to everyone else. And for a celebrity to do it, is so immature on every level. As for the Gaga feud crap – Madonna was simply answering questions in satirical fashion. Speaking her mind and the truth without directly saying “Copycat”. It’s not like musical critics, fans and the general public didn’t address the situation first.

  • Vmcat
    • @Vmcat — What does that have to do with anything at all related to this conversation?

    • superamanda

      Do a google search for Amanda Whelan and

  • rOXy

    Let’s forget about Elton’s bitter rant against Madonna for a second and consider the fact the he put down Fairground Strippers all over the world. If anyone is the “c” word, it’s him. He thinks he’s royalty, gives off “better than thou” vibes, and is dissing Madonna for the very thing that made his career decades ago – daring to be outrageous. Sorry, Elton, but you don’t have the monopoly on outrageous performances. Madonna does it better than you ever did. He needs to visit a proctologist to see about getting Gaga removed. She is apparently up there pretty far.

  • Samantha

    Good on him! Finally someone who can take her down a peg or two. She has been extremely ungracious towards Lady Gaga, and that sets a bad example for her own daughter as well. She’s burning bridges starting ridiculous feuds like this one.

    • PixiesBassline

      Samantha, I seriously doubt he took her down a peg or two.

    • @Samantha — Not that this matters at all but what does Lady Gaga have to do with any of this? I just don’t understand how anyone can try and rationalize behavior like this. Don’t be a Madonna fan, fine, but to argue in favor of calling anyone a “cunt” is beyond idiotic.

  • Darolo

    Elton John is sad and desperate! Just look at the still pic of him before you play the video. He’s been with David Furnish for years, why wait so long to have a kid (soon to be kids)? Poor Zachary, imagine growing up listening to EJ’s foul-mouthed, egotistical rants! He certainly has issue with Madonna. When she was useful to him (90’s) he was pally pally with her and happy to be photographed with her and even baring his chest suggesting she should do the same ( M in leopard skin coat pic for those in the know)! He’s such a hypocrite. He promotes no-one except himself. I suspect his ‘friendship’ with Gaga is based on him needing to be seen with someone he thinks is relevant and also will (he thinks) annoy Madonna. He has done himself no favours at all with this ‘episode’. As for stating Madonna has been mean to Gaga, my eyes pop at that. Surely the boot is on the other foot. Is it not mean to constantly copy another artists looks, and even their song, when that artist is still current and performing? For close on 2 years Madonna kept a dignified silence on the subject until she was pushed into giving a response on the BTW/ EY issue earlier this year.. Her response, when it came , was intelligent and succinct ….. a far cry from the bitchy ramblings of EJ, who seems to have an extremely limited vocabulary of totally unnecessary expletives. There will only ever be one winner in such outbursts and that’s Madonna. When will Elton learn, the bullied often turn out to be bullies and it doesn’t pay!! I would rather satch Madonna (stripper or not?) han listen to the sad, pathetic rantings of someone who’s main publicity comes from insults lobbeyed at a fellow artist. You could NEVER step into her shoes EJ, she’s a woman and she’s stronger than you’ll ever be. Saddest thing of all is ….. what makes you so mean and twisted will only make Madonna stronger! She’s unstoppable – get over it and stop embarrassing yourself!!!!

  • Matthew Rettenmund

    Wait, Elton…I thought “love is the answer”?

  • sandy

    While he’s out of line, I can’t say that he’s not telling the truth. The woman is bitchy. There’s no way around it. Madonna can’t compete with the new kids in the industry. This last album proved that. It sucked. She’ll always have her legion of fans to back her up, so she’ll keep churning the crap.
    Watching her now is like when I’m at my job and see the older woman trying things on from the juniors section. There’s a point in life where you’re going to have to accept that you’re not a teen anymore

    • @sandy — Even if everything you said is true, which I argue it is not, how is any of it grounds for calling someone a “cunt”. Please explain.

    • rOXy

      Sandy: I beg to differ on a point. There are many, many “older” women who can rock anything that’s in the Jr. dept with style and panache. They exercise, eat right, live healthy and have a body that can compete with any Jr. Let’s not get off topic and add ageism to the misogynism.

    • Serenity

      r0xy, those women might be able to fit into clothing from the juniors department but it doesn’t mean that it looks good on them. It’s a little jarring when the face doesn’t match the style.

  • Amanda

    I cannot STAND Madonna – IMO she’s talentless, rude, conceited, and EXTREMELY over-hyped. That said, I don’t see where EJ gets off saying she’s finished. I wish she were – it would mean the world had developed a sense of hearing – but she’s still successfully making “music” and I don’t see that stopping.

    All that said, I find it really sad that so many commentors on this post – especially you, Trent – think it’s o.k. to refer to him as an “old queen.” It was horrible and misogynistic of him to say what he did about her and refer to her as a c*nt and a stripper, but it’s just as descriminatory to only refer to him by his sexual preference. It removes their personhood in the same way.

  • bosie

    Says The Toad with no career on sight, OH WAIT AFTER THIS PEOPLE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT HIM & LADY GAGA….yes she still on tour LOL yeah i forgot about it too…BUT MADONN’s tour is break record and is set to be the #1 tour of 2012…as for her album is one of the top #5 album of 2012….SUCK IT ELTON JOHN “The Toad”

    • rOXy

      Thanks, Bosie. I just had a small giggle thinking of Elton cast as Toad in the “Wind in the Willows”. He would be perfect.

  • swile71

    I’m not sure what’s up with Elton these days. He seems to come out of nowhere with these attacks on Madonna. They are so cruel and unwarranted. It makes him look so childish and catty. What does he think this does for his image or career? If there is anyone I am OVER it is Elton.

  • Kath

    i don’t care about either of them as public personalities or singers, but calling someone the C-bomb on a foreign national tv show is the height of stupidity and ignorance. shame on Elton for his foul mouth, and shame on Australia’s channel 9 for showing it at 6:30pm on a sunday. i saw it as it aired and i could not stop laughing.
    Were his comments so off the cuff that it didn’t occur to him what a media shitstorm this would create? i know that people say silly things at the wrong times all the time, but as a celebrity who has been in the media for both good and bad, surely he should have thought a little harder before he spoke haha.

    what a nugget!

  • Kris

    don’t you think there’s a big difference between giving an opinion of someone and actually bullying them? to me bullying involves much more than these interview comments. i enjoy Madonna’s music but she is a bit of a bitch. and i don’t think i’m being a bully by thinking that, just giving my opinion. And that’s from someone who likes her music. I just don’t necessarily like her. It’s no secret she’s a douche.

    • @Kris — “don’t you think there’s a big difference between giving an opinion of someone and actually bullying them?”

      No, not really. And even if I did agree with you, it would be one thing if this was an isolated one time comment. Elton John has used many interview opportunities to randomly throw out these kinds of comments completely unwarranted. Just this year alone, Madonna beat him for a Golden Globe — he attacks. He sits down for an interview that has nothing to do with Madonna at all — he attacks. He is a sad man and a bona fide bully.

  • Ben

    All comes down to numbers in business, and they don’t lie! His net worth in 2011: US$ 309 million. Madonnas net worth in 2011: US$ 650 million. On top of that she is 12 years younger and looks at least 50 years younger than this bitter, deeply disturbing, unfit to be a parent, uninspiring, long-goner Dame Elton.

  • me

    sit down Elton.


    anger management classes needed.

  • fmx

    Has he looked at himself in the mirror? He’s been wearing the same pink jacket for the last 20 years and it’s about time he took it to the dry cleaners. Nobody is asking him to host American Idol, they’re asking charlie sheen who is probably more polite in comparison. What’s with these public outbursts? Why do people with money have to be the most bitter and wretched human beings? Like, is he doing this shit just to stay alive or what?

  • ck

    Out of line! He really should just keep it to himself, it totally makes HIM look bad. I’m sure this all stems from something Madonna did to Lady Gaga, since Elton is close to her. Madonna does think the word revolves around her… sure wish she would just sing her songs and go away, same with Elton. Gaga can stay.

  • Serenity

    The name calling is unacceptable but I think I see where Elton is coming from. He’s a trained musician who plays his own instrument (oh, my. That could be a double-entendre, couldn’t it?) and writes his own music, and he’s being upstaged by someone who doesn’t.

    I don’t think he’s bullying her, however, and I wish people wouldn’t use that word so lightly. Bullying is a real problem and it’s wrong to minimize this by calling every instance of something that isn’t nice “bullying.”

    • @Serenity — “I don’t think he%u2019s bullying her, however, and I wish people wouldn’t use that word so lightly. Bullying is a real problem and it’s wrong to minimize this by calling every instance of something that isn’t nice ‘bullying'”

      I completely disagree with you. These kinds of comments from from Elton John at a regular interval. This is not a one time, he said something mean, thing. For years he has been berating Madonna in the most disparaging ways. I would absolutely call this behavior bullying. And yes, it’s a real problem … which is why I take offense to Elton John speaking out against bullying when he is a gross perpetrator of the same behavior he says he is against. I honestly cannot believe anyone can say that calling someone out for referring to a woman as a “cunt” for no reason at all is in any way minimizing the term bullying.

  • Greg

    Say what you will about Madonna and her artistic choices – there is no one – no one who can match her longevity – not Elton John, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, etc. She has been atop her field for years and all of her CDs are regularly at the top of the charts; her tours sell out and she pushes herself to stay relevant. She doesn’t do drugs and that may be the reason for her staying power (she has never needed a so-called “Comeback” or rehab) – she is healthy, active and fit – unlike the aforementioned “kings or queens”. She pushes boundaries as an artist and as a woman in her 50s and for Elton John to trash her they way he did is disgusting and exposes him for the misogynist he is. When was the last time one of his albums sat atop the charts? And her career is over? Laughable.

  • Monica

    Elton is right about Madonna, she is a nasty human being who got where she is by sleeping with record executives, she can’t sing and can’t write music. Have you ever seen Elton write a song? Someone can give him lyrics and within a few minutes he will have a song written. He did this on the Howard Stern show, I was amazed. People are fooled by Madonna because of the record sales but if you really think about her “music” she has no talent.

    • @Monica — Nope.

    • Dennis

      Yes! Everything Monica said is true. You saying “no” may change nothing about it. You are criticizing Elton for hating Madonna and doing yourself what else, than hating Elton? Maybe even more fiercely – shame on you!

    • @Dennis — I don’t hate anyone :)