Protesters Stage A Kiss-In At Chick-Fil-A

PDA For Change!

On Friday protesters, demonstrators, activists, and regular ol’ people participated in one of the most loving, peaceful protests you could ever have. Shouting at these Chick-Fil-A locations was most likely minimal– as many lips were locked– and although some people held signs, they were more interested in holding each other. It’s all about love people! And politics, and civil rights, and marriage, and capitalism, and religion, and chicken… But mainly? It’s about love. Check out the love-fest in the gallery and try to make out with somebody today, lol. It’s good for the soul.

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    I really like this idea. I wish it wasn’t localized. I wish a campaign had been organized that directed everyone to their nearest CFA to kiss at a specified time. Kinda like a flashmob but in every CFA store.

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