Nick Jonas Confirms He Is Being Considered For New Judge On ‘American Idol’


So now that we know that Mariah Carey has signed on to judge the forthcoming new season of American Idol, our attention turns towards the crazy rumors going around about who might be joining her at the judge’s table. For a couple of weeks now, Nick Jonas’s name has been floating around in the gossip ether as a possible judge on AI. According to Nick himself, the rumors are true … he has been approached to judge the show. Click below to read what he has to say about the possibility of becoming a judge on American Idol.

Nick Jonas is eager to join American Idol. The singer, 19, shared his hopes of being named a judge for season 12 of the Fox show with his 4,621,940 Twitter followers Saturday. “The rumors are true… I am being considered to be a judge on American Idol, and it would be a dream come true if it happens. #nickonidol,” he Tweeted … Mariah Carey has signed as a judge this season for a reported $ 18 million dollars. Last season’s judges, Steve Tyler and Jennifer Lopez have both quit, and Randy Jackson’s return to the singing competition is yet to be confirmed.

Interesting side note, if Nick does get the AI gig then all 3 of the Jonas Brothers will be on TV at the same time on different shows (Kevin Jonas on the E! series Married to Jonas and Joe Jonas on The CW series The Next: Fame is at Your Doorstep). If you consider that The X Factor has Demi Lovato (tween star) alongside Britney Spears (pop goddess) then it would make sense for American Idol to put Nick next to Mariah. I honestly don’t have many strong feelings about his casting one way or the other. The other judges will pale in comparison to Mariah Carey, let’s be honest. What do y’all think? Any Jonas fans out there? Would Nick make a good judge for American Idol?


  • rOXy

    Nick is my favorite Jonas. American Idol on the other hand, is braindead and is just waiting for someone to pull the plug. If I were him, I’d stay far away from that gig. It’s not going to do him any favors. It’s like arriving to a party after everyone else has gone home.

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