Watch: Kendrick Lamar, Lady Gaga’s Fave Rapper, Releases A Video For ‘Swimming Pools (Drank)’


A little while back there were rumors buzzing around that Lady Gaga and Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar were having some kind of bad romance. Mama Monster showed up hella randomly at the Pitchfork Festival in Chicago last month and stood on the side of the stage where Kendrick was performing Swimming Pools. People who saw the youtube video performance went nuts and by ‘people’ I mean me (and yeah, everyone else). Kendrick Lamar is an up-and-coming artist who has a legit following, but he’s far from being a pop icon, and seeing the camera pan over to Gaga at the end of the video was a total shock! And it was so cute; I mean Gaga looked so proud of him and went on to introduce him to some people she brought with her to the show. But Kendrick has said the two are just friends, and that he was just as surprised as anyone else when she first hit him up on twitter to connect and to tell him that she loved his music. Find out what she’s going gaga over, and check out the new video inside!

Kendrick Lamar: Swimming Pools (Drank)

I’ve been listening to Kendrick Lamar very casually this summer, but I can totally see the appeal. He’s got a very different vibe and, while Swimming Pools is a fun-fun party song, his independent album Section 80 (which he released exclusively through iTunes) has a lot of variety in lyrics and dealt with some heavy material. This is the first video of his that I’ve watched and I’m definitely looking forward to more. Some people are hailing him as hip-hop’s savior but I think that’s an awfully heavy crown to wear. For now, I’ll just say that the game seriously needs a new voice with a unique approach.

Special thanks to the love of my life who’s been bumping this song all summer… endlessly… every day:


  • Krissy

    The first few shots remind me a bit of the Big Lebowski! ;)

    I haven’t heard this song before, but I love it. Some rap is great because they make the words sound interesting. When they can do that AND say something a little deeper at the same time, it really impresses me. I like his sound, and I like that he has something a little different to say.

    • Shannon

      Krissy, thanks for commenting… and for reminding me that I haven’t seen the Big Lebowski! What?!?!

  • Iris B

    I love this! When I first heard of Kendrick Lamar, it was on Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” / “Buried Alive” ending. Honestly, he makes listening to “Marvin’s Room” worth it…I skip the whole song until I get to the “Buried Alive” part.

    • Shannon

      Iris B, thanks for commenting– I’m listening to it now. He’s beginning to remind me of Andre 3000 a little bit… that’s a good thing :)