Baby Blue Ivy’s Spending The Rest Of The Summer In A $400K Rental… And People Are Mad


Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and the real superstar of the family–Baby Blue Ivy– are headed to the Hamptons. According to the NY Post, the couple just dropped a staggering/swaggering $400,000 on a 12-bedroom/12-bath property they’ll be using for the entire… month. Of August. $400,000. For one month. Because they can. And because the 11-acre, 31,000-square-foot property is known as The Sandcastle, and the amenities are absolutely cray. But I saw a lot of angry comments online about the excessive lifestyle of this rich and famous family. Are Bey and Jay going too far with this one? Deets inside and the in-house skateboarding ramp of Lil Wayne’s dreams in the gallery!

Here’s what my peoples over at Real Estalker had to say:

… [Beyoncé and Jay-Z ] reportedly shelled out somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000 to lease Sandcastle, a hokey-named, Hamptons-famous estate in sleepy but impossibly swank Bridgehampton, NY currently listed for sale with a reduced from $50,000,000 but still boo-tox blistering asking price of $43,500,000.

Altogether the compound-like estate has, according to current listing information, 12 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms, including a sprawling, 2,800 square foot master suite with private sun deck and a marble- (or maybe onyx-) floored lady’s pooper far larger—we guesstimate—than the average two-bedroom tenement apartment in lower Manhattan.

In addition to all the usual accouterments to be expected in a super-pricey summer rental in the Hamptons—60-foot swimming pool, spa and sunken tennis court with pergola-shaded viewing terrace—the self-contained estate also includes a 4,000 square foot poolside entertaining pavilion with adjoining outdoor kitchen; a 10-seat home theater with swanky adjustable seats; a full spa with massage area and steam room; a state-of-the-art two-lane bowling alley and squash/racquetball court, media lounge with (at least) five tee-vees sunken into the wall—breathe, breathe, breathe—a disco with full bar; indoor rock climbing wall and skateboard half-pipe—because everyone needs one of those in the basement; a children’s performing area—whatever that is; an 8-car garage with hydraulic lifts and, not to be outdone by Jerry Seinfeld, a baseball diamond in the back yard.

So that’s what the Carters are workin with, in case you were curious.

Now maaad people were going off on Real Estalker and on the NY Post site, calling the lease and the money spent on it “ludicrous and obscene.” Others said the property is just too much and “screams vapid, bore, look at us, new money,” lol. But we’ve seen worse things on MTV’s Cribs right? Well… maybe not.

I’m curious to hear what you guys think about this beautiful monstrosity of a home. Personally, I’m reluctant to tell folks how to spend their money. I’ve tried rapping (many times over) and it’s really hard to do it and sound cool and smart and street and philosophical and sexy, so Jay-Z most likely ‘deserves’ the money he makes and deserves to do with it as he pleases.

But my absolute favorite comment about this move? From “Anonymous” on Real Estalker:

His secret son should enjoy this house immensely.

Bwaahhhahhhaaaa! In case we forgot… shouts-out to Jr.


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  • kendra

    It is obscene..It makes me sick, to be honest, that people make so much effing money for a talent they were given when they were born..Or maybe that’s just jealousy because I have no talent and I work my ass off to support my son and myself..I get that celebrities “work” hard too, but they also take millions of vacations..I work 2 jobs, go to school full-time, and am a single mom..There’s no such thing as a vacation in my life..Ugh..It just doesn’t seem fair..And yes, I know a lot of this comes from jealousy..Whatever..I’m going to hug my son now in our little rented house.. ;)

    • Serenity

      I don’t feel jealous, probably because if I suddenly came into the kind of money they have, I’d occasionally splurge on something completely frivolous like this.

      I definitely can’t fault Jay-Z for doing something like this. A quick Google showed that he grew up in a housing project and was abandoned by his father early on. It sounds like he started out with almost nothing and look where he is now. In my opinion, he’s earned this.

    • Shannon

      Serenity, thanks for commenting. I’ve seen (as in, from the sidewalk, but didn’t go in) the Marcy Projects where Jay grew up and my good friend’s mom was a nurse in the ER at the Marcy Hospital. It’s no joke. Even if you listen to his music you know that. So yeah, he’s def got personal reasons for wanting to ball out of control and I like that you’re admitting you might do the same, if the opportunity presented itself. I DEFINITELY can see myself making similarly ridiculous purchases… although I do hope that I never see $400,000 as a reasonable amount of money to spend on one month’s worth of housing.

    • Shannon

      kendra, I am right with you on the jealousy tip, lol! But I also love Jay, and I’m really proud of him… even if I think this kind of money spent is nuts!

      I’m also one of the few people who believes that baby-making is an actual talent, so don’t you dare come on this blog claiming to be a talentless hard-working mother! Those things simply cannot coexist, lol :)

  • emily

    I remember seeing this house featured in “Million Dollar Rooms” … they focused on the bowling alley and half pipe/climbing wall/DJ Booth. The owner said he wanted to create a place where his kids could always come home, and on a rainy weekend the entire neighborhood is at their house. I’m surprised to see it up for sale since the owner clearly loves it so.

    That said, I’m not one to judge how someone spends their money. I’m neutral about BJ … they neither excite nor anger me. They live a lavish lifestyle … no news there. I think the joke really is on them for spending that much, but if that’s what they want … meh.

    • Shannon

      emily, you are so right! I feel like I might have seen that episode… and yes, it is their money so it’s ultimately their loss or gain. Thanks for commenting on this.

  • Hampton

    please kiddies be resonable. this house was eatured recently on hGTV millon Dollar Rooms. perfect for the noveau riche. They won’t have o stand in line at the southampton Social Club on Sat. nite. A certain pharm. heiress just turned down a $200,000 per mt rental for july and august because her unemployed husband thought it was too small for entertaining (8 bdrms) it used to be one could get a bargin on further lane in EH for $100k per mt but alas that time is long past. But take heart none of these noveau riche people will ever get past the door of the private clubs where the truly rich are members.

    • Shannon

      Hampton, it’s funny to think that– as much money as the Carters have– a helluva lot of people in the Hamptons have much, much more.

  • Ben@pr

    Shannon, just like you I’m also reluctant to tell people how to spend their money. But certainly I don’t like it when people brag about it carelessly in this economy. I’m the friend that when my others friends get a raise in their salary or get a big bonus they tell me about it happily whether or not I’m struggling financially. Because they fear other friends might find it pretentious in this economy but they know I’m certain they are being grateful and not pretentious.

    Personally I find that Mc Mansion a monstrosity of pretension, eccentricity and yes, bad taste. It reflects the personality of it’s August famous tenants. If they didn’t want this information to be public it won’t but they LOVE to show how much money they can throw away. Do we ever get to know how real talented Meryl Streep or Glenn Close spend in real estate? Of course not. But with the Carters-Knowles how they spend every penny “mysteriously” gets out there.

    • Shannon

      Ben@pr, you’re so right. And this is what balling is all about! Lol, it doesn’t ‘count’ if no one knows you’re doing it!

    • Krissy

      I dont think that you can say with certainty that Jay-Z and Beyonce wanted the price to be out there.

      If you notice, the article says “somewhere in the neighborhood of $400,000″ becasue they don’t know exactly how much was spent on it. It is easy to guess, though, because the rentor probably had an asking price for the rental, so the press can make an educated guess about how much the Carters ended up paying.

  • Leatitia

    Maybe they’re renting it to invite their families over for a summer vacation? Who knows! Still, that’s a WHOLE lots of monies!

    • Shannon

      Leatitia, I think that’s definitely a factor here. I’m sure they plan to put at least a few of those extra bedrooms to use… and yeah. Still a lot of “monies,” lol.

  • rOXy

    That is an extreme amount to spend, but if the’ve got it, why not? It’s their money, and they are free to do as they wish with it. I don’t get why people think they should give all their money to charity and live like the rest of us. It doesn’t make sense. I am happy for people when they are successful, I don’t begrudge them for it. If people prefer to live in a society like N. Korea, then let them go there. This is the US, and there are different classes of wealth. That’s the way it has always been, so people need to get over it or learn to love it.

    • Shannon

      rOXy, good point– they didn’t make all that money to ‘live like the rest of us.’ I guess people just feel like this is almost gluttonous, lol.

  • Nathan

    While I don’t understand why anyone would want to live in a house of that size (well, except maybe the Duggers), it’s their money and they can choose to do what they want with it.

    • Shannon

      Nathan, thanks for commenting. The Duggars! I’m assuming the Carters are expecting 19+ house guests this month…

  • Kelly K.

    It’s their money. Essentially, given to them by their fans. They can spend it however they want. Are they suppose to earn it just to save it and never spend it? I think it’s a lot of jealousy and resentment talking…

    • Shannon

      Kelly K., yes I openly admitted to my jealousy, lol. But I def agree with the idea that they’ve earned their money and we aren’t in a position to tell them to save or donate it. Glad that you point out, too, that those of us who love their music have helped them work towards this, lol.

  • sandy

    Meanwhile in Africa…

    • rOXy

      I get it, Sandy. However, I do believe the B&J are generously charitable. They could give every last cent they have to relief organizations for Africa, but money is never enough, and there is never enough money.

    • Dot

      Africa is not the only continent with problems so l don’t get it why people always mention it… You can easily say meanwhile in Syria or meanwhile in Haiti. World is full of unjust and there is not enough money to change it.

    • Shannon

      I don’t know you guys… I kind of think there IS enough many to change the world and the societies where people suffer from a lack of basic necessities. But I’m not sure that Bey and Jay are the ones who are supposed to do ALL of the changing.

    • rOXy

      Agree Shannon with your point about Bey and Jay not being forced to be the saviours of all of humankind’s suffering just because they are richer than God. I believe money is the quick fix. It can feed people and house them today, and maybe a few tomorrows. Education is also good way to spend money. But world-over, for as long as we have inhabited this earth, there has been lack and suffering, even if it is localized and only affects one person. At any given time, there is going to be someone, somewhere, in some small corner of the world, who needs something. Historically, all of the money that has ever been thrown at relief efforts everywhere, have failed because misery is still alive and well today. That doesn’t mean we should stop trying. As long as there is a hungry mouth to feed, we should try our damndest to make sure it gets fed. But the answer lies, I believe, in collective conscience. Somehow, some way, we have to change the world. :)

    • Shannon

      “richer than God,” indeed! LMAO. Thanks rOXy and yeah I think you’re right. It’s deeper than money otherwise the problems wouldn’t exist…

  • Dot

    This house is definitely too ugly to be paid that much. I get that it’s big and is in Hampton’s but this eclectic style is simply terrible.

  • Krissy

    I find it funny when our society gets so outraged about the way popstars/actors/celebs spend their money….without realizing that “celebrity money” is tiny compared with “corporate money”. Like, I am sure we would see even more ostentatious examples of vacations if we saw how the head of Blue Cross or JP Morgan Chase spent their free time.

    • rOXy

      Krissy, you make a good point. I’ve seen, first hand, the excesses in corporate greed. It is simply mind boggling. For an example, a giant corporation may send a call out across its divisions to reduce spending. They set restrictions, policies and limits for their departments to follow all in the name of saving a dime. You’d think it would be for the survival of said corporation, but from what I’ve seen, the money that is saved from those efforts is simply shifted to take the form of amazingly lavish vacations and astronomical bonuses for its elite officers. It;s a numbers game, and the greed spirals out of control. I held a front row seat and can say, without reservation, that the housing crisis, which was the beginning of our economic meltdown, was caused by nothing more/less than corporate greed.