Wedding No. 6 Is Imminent


David and I have made it safe and sound to the great State of Connecticut. Our day yesterday was pretty unexciting. We basically got on a plane from LA to Detroit. Chilled there for a minute. Then we got on a plane from Detroit to Hartford, CT … and here we are. Because of logistics and our late arrival, we had to stay last night at the Sheraton Hotel at the airport and let me tell you … that has been an adventure.

Even tho we were only in Detroit for 2 hours, it is always nice to spend some time at home. I’ve spent so much time in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport that it kinda feels like home. But, Detroit was only a layover until we could fly our way to Connecticut:

See, I’ve never stayed at an airport hotel before. I’ve stayed at hotels near airports but never one that was attached to an airport. I’m sorry to say that the experience has been less than ideal. The place is clean enough (I think) but there are so many things wrong with the experience I can’t even list them all. We have this pyramid structure outside our window that is so … unattractive … that I have to pretend that we are looking at the glass pyramid at the Louvre.

It’s all about imagination :)

In a few hours, David and I will be attending his cousin’s wedding … it’ll be our 6th wedding of 8 this year :D I’ll be sure to snap fun photos. Happy Saturday, Happy Weekend!!!

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  • Shannon

    LMAO at the American Louvre! Oh, Trent!

  • rOXy

    I want to live in that tunnel, or have the lighting designer come do my house.

  • marissa

    hey, man! shoulda stayed with me, I’m about 15 minutes from Bradley. we’ll cook you some lob-stah for din-ah.

    • @marissa — LOL. Maybe next time :) oxoxoxox