Watch: Pixar’s ‘WALL·E’ Robot Is Brought To Life


Mike Senna is a total genius with a heart of gold, and he’s making children everywhere very, very happy. Well-known for creating an R2-D2 replica back in 2003, Mike took on another project a few years ago; bringing Pixar’s robot WALL·E to life. Children and adults alike flock to see his spot-on re-creation (I know I’m planning a trip), but Mike had a special group of children in mind as he worked (and worked) on this robot over the last two years. Using the 2008 movie as his only blueprint, Mike studied frame after frame of WALL·E’s movements and construction. The result? A real, live robot (sort of– it’s controlled by Mike) with ginormous eyes in which you can happily lose yourself. Meet Mike and WALL·E in the video; it’s so amazingly cray, I just had to share it with you guys! Also, you can learn more about WALL·E on Mike’s blog, here.

And I know he probably gets this alot… but I reaaalllly want to know if his

  • miguel

    OMFG. I WANT!!!!

    • Shannon

      miguel, i KNOW right? My kids would freak so hard (and yeah, so would I)!

  • JCZ

    Wall-E & Finding Nemo.

    Life complete.

    • Shannon

      JCZ, congrats… Lol :)