Drake Might Produce A New Aaliyah Album, But Timbaland Wants In


We’ve been hearing for some time about the possibility of a posthumous Aaliyah album release, but so far we’ve got nothin’. Which, actually, is okay by me. Because I’m still listening to her amazing original tracks, along with recent mash-up remixes featuring Gotye. And it seems like Aaliyah is on a lot of minds these days, especially since there are rumors floating around that Drake might produce an album of her previously unreleased music. Drake (who has proclaimed his love for the late, great R&B singer previously) has been all about her, displaying a new tattoo that is part homage to Toronto, part Aaliyah memorium and also announcing that he plans to produce an album of duets with the singer. But when super producer Timbaland heard the news he wasn’t entirely excited about the idea of an Aaliyah project taking off without him and Missy Elliot, who both played a huge role in Aaliyah’s unique sound and style. They were also very close friends when Aaliyah was alive. Deets on the prospective project inside:

Drake’s first Aaliyah tattoo

The Los Angeles Times has the report:

This week the blogosphere has reignited with talk that a posthumous album from Aaliyahcould be in the works, after a source revealed to HipHopDX that Canadian rapper-singer Drake had been recruited to executive produce the project.

Fans of the the late R&B songbird are still patiently awaiting a disc of vaulted works from the singer who helped define and reinvent the sound of ’90s urban music before her 2001 death in a plane crash in the Bahamas.

Beyond his fan fixation, Drake certainly has the ability to channel the breathy falsetto and innovative, genre-blending beats that made Aaliyah groundbreaking for her time. Listen to any of his works, especially his latest opus, “Take Care,” and it’s clear that he’s well-versed enough with her discography that he could bring her to younger listeners. The source went on to say Drake plans to unveil a new single, featuring her vocals, at his upcoming OVO Festival in Toronto on Sunday.

While Drake’s name is being tossed around on blogs, Aaliyah purists are likely skeptical of any project being released without imput from longtime collaborators/friends Missy Elliott and Timbaland, who has already said it wouldn’t be right for a project to happen without them. Timbaland said Drake has yet to reach out to him.

“I know they’re trying to drop some Aaliyah records, but if he do do it, it should be with me and him and Missy,” Timbaland said in an interview with New York’s Power 105.1 (WWPR-FM). “I don’t know what’s going on, but the proper way to do that would be for me, him and Missy to be all on the record. I produce it. But to put it on his album or to put it on his record or whatever, however it be, it would just not be right.”

Drake’s new tattoo: “416” for Toronto, and extra shading highlights “116” for Aaliyah’s birthday

I know we’ve got some serious Aaliyah fans on PITNBnicole, where you at?! I’d love to hear what y’all think about the possibility of a Drake-produced Aaliyah album. Personally… I’m with Timbo on this one. Obviously Drake doesn’t need his permission to do anything, but he could certainly use the two cents of Missy and Timbaland (and, hell maybe even Magoo,wherever he is) if he’s going to produce a quality, posthumous album. And I can understand Timb wanting to be involved on a personal level (if y’all caught his E! True Hollywood Story, you heard him confess to being completely in love with her, at one point). Posthumous anythings weird me out a little, but of course I’d love to hear Aaliyah’s voice on some new tracks, if only to confirm my suspicions that she’d be running the game if she were still here.


  • nicole

    Drake needs to leave Aaliyah alone. the only people who should be touching her music are Tim & Missy.

    • Shannon

      nicole, how’d I know you were gonna feel that way? Lol. I hear you!

    • nicole

      hahaha i’m a very predictable person these days

    • Shannon

      Only when it comes to your undying love for Aaliyah’s music and your fervent requests that it be left alone :)

  • Samantha

    I still remember where I was when I heard about Aaliyah’s death. I don’t know how I feel about Drake producing her album but I do agree, Missy and Tim need to be involved.

    • Shannon

      Samantha, I remember too– it was huge. The next day in school we spent the whole first period arguing about what happened. I think the same– that it would be weird for anyone to do an Aaliyah album without input from them.

  • ella

    Doesn’t make sense to do an Aaliyah album without Timb and Missy. Drake can sample her voice on his tracks all he wants, but he is in no position to be executive producing an album under her name.

    Timb and Missy were her collaborators, they knew her artistically as well as personally. They know how to truly represent her artistic spirit. Drake is just a fan.

    • Shannon

      ella, I hear you… especially on the “Drake is just a fan” part. But Drake is an artist too, and I bet he’d loooove to be the one to do this. But I agree that Timb and Missy knew her best (esp as far as the music is concerned) and it’d be a shame for them to not be involved.

  • Jen

    As much as I have been dying to hear “new” material from Aaliyah, I refuse to be behind this if Timbaland and Missy Elliott are not involved. If Drake was really such a huge fan as he’s trying to prove to be, then he would know that Missy and Tim need to be part of this project.

    • Shannon

      Jen, great point! Here’s hoping Drake’s supposed fandom outshines any ego involved here.

  • hapacalgirl

    Aaliyah will forever be my favorite soloist and as a fan I was really sad when she died far too young with so much left to show musically. There is no doubt if she was around she be ahead of the game. Like you I still jam to Aaliyah’s past music but I wouldn’t mind some new Aaliyah music, I just don’t want Drake anywhere near it. The only people who should have anything to do with releasing her music is Missy and Timbaland period. If they want to release her stuff as duets I would much rather they get people like dmx, genuiwine, magoo, and other artists that were close to her when she was alive to do it.

    • Shannon

      hapacalgirl, oh it would be sweet to hear some of those guys come back to do some ‘new’ stuff. But the truth is, Drake is such a big name and I’m sure certain people like the idea of somebody like him being involved because he is so current– more so than Missy or Timb, even though they’d make the most sense here.

  • JCZ

    I really like Drake, but I find it weird he got a tattoo of her on his body. In fact I find that weird for anyone, celeb or just a mega-fan. We just don’t expect celebs (especially rappers) to do it, cause they have a big enough ego already.

    With that said – if there are tracks left over in Aaliyah’s discography, release them the way they were recorded. I hate re-produced tracks. Obviously the labels want radio to play it, but if they do release some sorta album, I’d like a double disc. Disc 1 the new produced and Disc 2 the original recordings.

    As for Timbaland – of course he would jump in. He hasn’t done anything useful since Nelly/Justin ruled the airways back in 06. He’s a hit/miss producer that creates a great sound but thrashes it beyond its use and takes a great few years to create something fresh & new.

    • Shannon

      JCZ I am so with you on the tattoo thing, lol. But… to each his own. I’ve got a few strange ones myself, although none are celeb-related. But I LOVE your idea about the double disc! Yes! And it’s so interesting that bring up that point about Timb… sadly, it’s true. He’s not relevant like he once was, although it’s be nice to see that change.

      Thanks, as always, for weighing in on this.