Miley Cyrus Has Crazy Abs


Remember those gorgeous pictures of Miley Cyrus that we saw yesterday? Well, even though she was nude in a couple of them, the pics she’s been tweeting lately are a bit more shocking… at least IMO. Some of you may know that Ms. Miley’s been hitting up the gym like cray, especially for her Pilates classes. And apparently, it’s paying off. Check out Miley (and Miley’s waistline) inside.



So there’s that. And then there’s this:





So why am I shocked? Uh, because her waistline is, like, nonexistent! But if Miley likes it, I love it! I’m just hella confused because after she tweeted the first one, she had the audacity to put this tweet out into the universe:



Chicken and waffles? Are you serious??? She must be at the Pilates studio right now working that off; omg I love chicken and waffles! How dare she have the nerve to eat at Roscoe’s with those abs!



  • Joan

    Chicken is a good source of protein, Sharon. LOL But seriously, the more you workout, the more you actually are allowed to eat just to maintain your weight. You just need to eat “clean” for the most part. This girl really is into her new body, isn’t she? She just can’t stop with the pictures…

    I’m a bit disappointed, though, about people throwing the “eating disorder” word around (not in this blog, thank god!), just because she’s looking overly fit and tiny these days. I mean, I sure as hell don’t know anything about what Miley does, but it seems unfair to make that judgement call based strictly on her new-found slimness. Both healthy and unhealthy bodies (and minds) come in all sizes and shapes. You just never know…

    • Shannon

      Joan, I’m sure Miley’s doing the right thing. The fact that she’s eating is a great sign, lol! Anyway, I’m not into body-bashing. Even if she was what I consider to be ‘too skinny’ I’d be reluctant to start making judgement calls like that. It’s more about how she really feels about her body and herself; and like you pointed out– she’s feeling it, lol!

      Thanks for commenting!

  • CoCo

    She’s GF, so they probably were a “healthier” version of chicken and waffles. Her Pilates instructor is constantly defending her body. It’s stereotypical pilates addict body. Jealous of that commitment! I’m just too darn lazy! She’s rockin’ it!

    • Shannon

      CoCo, thanks for commenting. Pilates is no joke, right?! Gluten free chicken and waffles, huh? That explains a lot, thanks!

    • katie

      Gluten free does not equal healthy. My brother has celiac & a lot of the gluten free versions of things have a lot more fat and calories than the regular type.

  • ClaireMichelle

    She looks amazing. I’d show my body off, too, if I looked like her! Every time I see her I think I should really start pilates. Maybe I will one of these days… ;)

    • Joan

      Check out Blogilates on YouTube. I started with her around 3 years ago.

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle thanks for commenting. In my early 20s ALL my pictures were pretty much different variations on these three, so I def can’t hate, lol! Pilates is intense but when I’ve done it, I’ve loved it. Hope you get to try it out!

  • Magan

    There’s nothng wrong wih being skinn as long a you look healthy. My personal opinion, she is to skinny. Her bones are sticking out of her body. If she put on on another five or ten pounds, I think she’d look a lot better, but if she mainains this weight, then who am I to judge.

    • Shannon

      Magan, I hear you. I like to see people with a little meat on the bones but if she’s enjoying her new figure– and working hard to get it– what can I say? Thanks for commenting!

  • Fabio

    I Think her body looks amazing! She’s a small girl and nothing about that picture screams eating disorder, Ive had eating problems and I’ve lived with some who was anorexic and this is a picture of a healthy small framed toned young woman, more power to her… I guess some people would prefer if she was heavier and then they could call her fat. Oh Lordy.

    • Shannon

      Fabio, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one. And you’re right, if she gains 2.5 lbs back people will be all over it. I’d rather congratulate than hate, personally. Thanks again for weighing in!

  • LaToya

    Started Pilates and only lasted 2 wks…… Need to get committed!

    • Shannon

      LaToya, you can always get back in there! Sadly, I cannot remember the last time I seriously, consistently worked out. But maybe we can get inspired by Miley and Trent too :)