Love Bomb


Yesterday, all across the US, hateful and misguided people rallied against love … but here in LA, well, we got struck with a Love Bomb. While out and about yesterday afternoon, I came upon a new piece of 3D street art that went up on Melrose Ave. in West Hollywood, CA. As you may know, street art takes many forms … from spray paint graffiti to vinyl stickers to stencil paintings and more. On occasion, a 3D sculpture will show up on a street somewhere. Yesterday, a new piece by a street artist named Plastic Jesus showed up on Melrose … click below to take a look.

I’m not exactly sure what this piece is called but Love Bomb seems like an apt title. As you can see, the sculpture is made to look like a bomb was dropped on the street — it’s brilliant. I’m very lucky that I live in an area of LA that is ripe with street art activity. Almost every day you can find a new piece of graffiti and/or street art in my neighborhood. Coming upon this new piece was a highlight of my day yesterday :) As I mentioned earlier, David and I enjoyed a dinner Date Night last night so that was the true highlight of my day.

Today, I have some serious packing to do because we fly back East tomorrow for the wedding of one of David’s cousins. From there, I’ll be staying in NYC for a few days so I must prepare. I’ve been really bad about running and have had no time for physical therapy. I’m going to try and run some miles today so wish me luck. And Happy Thursday!

  • rOXy

    Love the bomb, but the Douche Parking steals the show!

    • @rOXy — I understand the ‘Douche Parking’ graffiti is by the same artist, except the Parking tag was done a couple of weeks ago, the Love Bomb just showed up yesterday. Both of these pieces are on the sidewalk in front of an Urban Outfitters.

    • rOXy

      :) Don’t want to be a bug, but since I have your attention, I’ve been unable to upload a new icon for my profile. I deleted the first one because it goes off center when I comment. When I upload the new image, which is well under the size limit and is a jpeg, the one I deleted keeps popping up. Thought I’d let you know in case no one else has. :)

    • rOXy

      [img] (800×740)-340_314.jpg[/img]