Kristen Stewart’s Email Inbox Contents REVEALED


You know, I bet I Kristen Stewart is going thru a really rough time right now. Granted, the fall out from her cheating scandal is all her own fault but still … she’s prolly bummin’ hardcore right now. The blog Professional Fangirl got their hands on a pretty amazing screenshot of what Kristen Stewart’s email inbox looks like right now and, I gotta say, it’s damn hilarious. Check it out below.

LOL! This is really funny. Make sure you read every bit of text on this screen, the attention to detail is pretty impressive. Which email subject line is your fave?


  • Shannon

    This is TOO funny! Obvi, I love the Kanye one. But that 1 800 Flowers email confirmation was crazy! The best part was having to look up some of the names– David Edelstein had me LMAO.

    Check out the ones ‘she’ starred, lol! OMG too funny.

    • Ronald Angsiy

      Yes >:] I did thoroughly enjoy starring Lautner hahahah.

      Was wondering whether the David one was a little too detached to be funny, but I REALLY wanted to do a movie review one hahaha.

      Check out more at Crosslives where you can think of your own lines that would make her inbox :D

  • Magan

    If this is indeed real, omg Tom Cruise telling her to attend a scientology meeting. I’d tell him forget it. LOL! And Reese Witherspoon I have a panic room. It makes it sound like Reese and Kristen are fighting. I doubt it. I think that Reese has better things to do than to email someone and make statements like that. It looks like Rob isn’t that upset. I doubt this is even real. Someone probably made this up.

    • Amanda

      It isn’t real, LOL.

    • Ronald Angsiy

      I take it as a compliment to my Microsoft Paint abilities that people think this is real, hahahah. :D

  • umm

    This is clearly fake!

    • Bec

      obviously, but it is so hilarious…if you had a good read of it you’d see the humour in every line!
      I love the Anna Kendrick one!

    • @umm — Yes. Fake.

  • Ronald Angsiy

    This is Ronald here, creator of the inbox. We’re really happy you liked it ^__^ We have a dedicated thread here if you have any ideas for funny emails you think she would get as well! Or if you have any questions behind the making of it!

    • darcy

      Loved that the Tom Cruise email is marked as “not important”. Nice touch! Great inbox, Ronald!

    • Joan

      Where are the kinky emails from Rupert?

  • ck

    If someone believes this is real they aren’t right. Totally made up and totally funny! Love it!

  • oxforddaisy


  • Riane Friesen

    I like on the side where it says “Dakota Fanning – wish I could stay 8 forever” LOL

  • Kim

    My favorite is Anna Kendrick’s!

  • carito

    Esta buena :) un saludo desde chile

  • Mackenzie

    does anyone know Robert Pattinson’s or Kristen Stewart’s email address?