H&M Projects Images Of David Beckham In His Undies On The White Cliffs Of Dover


Back in January, the world was introduced to the H&M ad campaign for David Beckham’s line of bodywear and today we learn that that ad campaign just keeps on giving. As millions flock to Great Britain for the London 2012 Olympic Games, H&M has decided to greet visiting tourists as warmly as possibly … by projecting large size images of David Beckham in his underwear on the famed white cliffs of Dover. Poetic, right?

He mesmerised the watching world when his long anticipated role in the London 2012 Olympic Games was finally revealed as he ferried the Olympic torch along the Thames last week. But his starring role didn’t stop there. And now, giant images of David Beckham in his famous barely-there briefs have been projected onto the White Cliffs of Dover to help welcome tourists flying into Britain. Three images of the football star in his white H&M pants were projected onto the famous landmark last night, but sadly for his female fans, it was just a one-off stunt. The impressive illumination is part of PR activity to promote his body wear line, which launched at the high-street store in February.

Look, I am usually totally against this kind of garish advertising, especially in places as hallowed as the cliffs of Dover beach but … yeah, I don’t mind this so much. It’s a shame that this stunt was a one-time occurrence cuz I wouldn’t mind at all if this sort of thing were on permanent display. I mean, it’s not total blasphemy to deface natural beauty like the cliffs of Dover with equally naturally beautiful images of David Beckham … right?