First Look: ‘Entourage’ Director Casts Hugh Laurie And Leighton Meester In His First Feature Film


Julian Farino has been changing our lives for many years, although most of us wouldn’t recognize his name. He directed many episodes of HBO’s Entourage (Emmy-nominated four times), and also brought us a few episodes of The Office. Now he’s making his feature film directorial debut with The Oranges, and I just had a grand ol’ time watching the trailer. I’d have to say that I’m most excited about the cast for this film: Hugh Laurie (House!) and Leighton Meester (Gossip Girls!) play an extremely unlikely (and barely legal) couple who combat the response (and disapproval) of respective family members, played by Catherine Keener (who I luuuurve!), Allison Janney, Oliver Platt, and Adam Brody. I haven’t seen a lot of Brody’s work but if you watched The O.C. or Gilmore Girls, you know the name. The other actors are insanely brilliant and I expect very good, very hilarious things. Peep the trailer and tell me what you think. Can Laurie and Meester pull off the odd couple to end all odd couples?

And shouts-out to Jersey! The film is set in West Orange– right next door to Orange, New Jersey, where I lived for about a year. Good times, good time.

  • katie

    That looks really great. OMG, when Platt tries to punch Laurie…hilarious. What a fantastic cast.

    • Shannon

      katie, LMAO. I know how it is to pretend to be the ‘stern’ parent, lol. FAIL!

  • ClaireMichelle

    This looks so good! Thank you for sharing! I am dying to see this now.

    • Shannon

      ClaireMichelle, you’re welcome! I think it’s gonna be a crazy fun movie.

  • Wynter

    Fun fact: Leighton guest-starred on House as a teenager uncontrollably hitting on him.

    • Shannon

      Wynter OMG yes she did! Thanks for bringing that up– AWESOME episode!

    • katie

      I totally forgot about that!

  • Kim

    Can’t wait for this, thanks for posting!

    • Shannon

      Kim, so glad you’re all as excited as me! You’re welcome!

  • Marie

    This looks amazing!!! Officially intrigued. I just hope the 2 of them have good enough chemistry.

    • Shannon

      Marie, that episode featuring both of them (that Wynter mentioned) from House? It was INTENSE. I think they’ll be good on-screen.

  • rachel

    release this movie immediately! i demand it!! i cannot wait to see this – House and Maybe and Seth and Blaire and C.J – ACK! wow, i’m literally squealing. thank you so much for making my AM with this trailer. :)

    • Shannon

      rachel, how amazing is this cast?! LMAO at “release this movie immediately!” I feel you!

  • Sarah

    This looks fantastic! How did I not know about this film before?! Thank you for sharing Shannon :)

    • Shannon

      You’re welcome Sarah! Isn’t it fun when good trailers sneak up on you like this? Lol. Enjoy the day!

  • Tatiana

    Love it, and not just because I live in West Orange!

    • Shannon

      Tatiana! Shouts-out to the hometown! So this is how it goes down in W.O.? Lol :)