First Listen: Mariah Carey Releases ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em) (Featuring Rick Ross & Meek Mills)’


On Monday we got our first look at the cover art for Mariah Carey’s new single Triumphant (Get ‘Em), today we get our first listen of the track in full. As you can hear, her guest collaborators Rick Ross and Meek Mills are very prominently featured on the song. While I wouldn’t say that this song is the best thing Mimi has ever released, I can’t say that I hate it. It’ll take me a few listens to form a proper opinion but … what do y’all think?

  • nicole

    i dont hate it. but it comes across as a Meek Mills & Rick Ross song feat Mimi.
    this shouldnt have been a lead single, maybe a second or third…or even a remix.
    but again, dont hate it. its a decent song

    • Sam

      That’s exactly what I thought! Meek Mills & Rick Ross featuring Mariah Carey.

  • kiskillilla

    I agree with Nicole – Mariah sounds like a last minute addition to the song to bring some melody in.

    It sort of turned in to background music for me about a minute in. Not bad enough to shut off but not great enough to listen intently.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    Bombs away!

  • Amanda

    I’m not a fan of Mariah’s work post year 2000. The Emancipation of Mimi was decent but everything else she did just didn’t do it for me. Not a fan of this, unfortunately. Mariah was a wonderful artist in the 90s and really, one of the best from that era, but put her in this era, and she sounds dated. She’s great, just not a master at reinvention and feeling fresh the way, say Madonna is (not a fan of Madonna but you have to admit she can keep up with the times).


    I have NEVER been a fan of people being so happy to call Madonna “The Mother of Reinvention.” All of the reinventions have NOT been great. Plus, it has always made her look unstable to me. Mariah Carey does not need to make music anymore, but I’m glad she does.. She’s done all the commercial stuff in the 90’s & really after 1997’s “Butterfly,” her music became more expressive & real. She started doing what she wanted to do musically. To say she sounds dated is absurd. These kids today have no talent & the songs are ALL the same, talking about absolutely nothing. So, in a way I can see how you would say she sounds dated. She can actually SING & music today is more about a catchy hook & stupid slogans people can tweet on twitter. Mariah Carey, contrary to her look & voice, is a huge fan of hip hop. And really the hip hop community is the only one that has fully had her back. What I’ve realized as a Mariah fan since 1990, is that people don’t want her to evolve. Apparently she is supposed to stay 20 years old singing about dreamlovers forever. Her post 2000 work has been stellar vocally. Listen to the “Glitter” soundtrack. The voice & music are on point. I URGE you to listen to “Side Effects” from E=MC2. Listen to “Betcha Gon’ Know” & “Ribbon” from her Memoirs cd. To go back to the point about Mariah being “dated:” Today, apparently you NEED a gimmick. Mariah has never been about gimmicks. She gives you voice & lyrics. No need to date young guy after young guy. No need to wear meat dresses. No need to mount world tours that distract from the fact that without religious controversies, you can’t really sing & aren’t really interesting. You may not like the rappers in this song, but “Triumphant” has a great message & MC’s vocals are stellar. In conclusion, to paraphrase MC: “SHE’S the press conference, you’re not even a conversation.” Trent, keep listening. This song is genius.

    • Lynne

      I am too a long time Mariah fan, but this song is anything but genius. I agree with the others it sounds like a song featuring Mariah. I’m very disappointed by the song. It does have a nice message, but I’m just too distracted by the others on the song. She tends to feature rappers in her songs to stay relevant on radio. She’s definitely evolved throughout her career, but this is a miss for me as was her last album. Still, excited for the new album though.

    • Amanda

      Opinions differ. No need to get sassy and defensive. if it sounds dated to me, it just does. But that’s me. I don’t like it, clearly you worship it, good for you.

    • Mrs. Clarkson

      Dude, relax. Not everyone is a “LAMB.” Trent did ask for people’s opinions, no? Someone gave theirs. Big deal.

      E=MC2 had a few songs that were good and I liked Obsessed from Memoirs, but the last two albums haven’t come close Emancipation.

    • Lisbeth Slander

      Wait. What? Madonna? Unstable? Your critique lost any sort of ground from there on. That’s pretty rich to try and use against someone when the person you are defending had a VERY public meltdown on live TV.
      I don’t understand why every Mariah or Gaga fan ALWAYS, ALWAYS slag Madonna off every time they are defending their (let’s face it) subpar diva.

    • Bo

      I think the major gripe that her fans are having with this “song” is that it’s not really a Mariah Carey song. She’s a backup singer to these awful rappers. Her voice may sound great, but you don’t hear it. All you hear are these nasty rap phrases. And that ‘s been a lot of the problem on her recent albums. They’re all ghetto… no substance. Mariah’s fan base largely consists of those who came to like her in the 90’s, when she was singing. It was all about her voice; now it’s mostly about urban stylizing, and identifying with the urban demographic. And I don’t think that audience is going to buy her music nor attend her concerts, as evidenced by her dismal lack of sales with the last 3 albums.

  • jake

    I feel like this could have been great, like an updated Make it Happen. But Mariah is stuck in a box. She definitely sounds like a guest on her own track with Rick Ross and Meek Mill taking more of a lead between the two of them.

    Mariah seems to only really be at her best when she is guided by collaborators or managers like Tommy Mottola guiding her pop music and then LA Reid.

  • Junior

    A song perfect for American Idol!

  • rOXy

    I love Mariah. Whenever. Where ever. Whatever. No one can touch her voice.

  • MC

    For those of you complaining about the rap and saying its a feature or whatever. Mariah just released a dance remix with new vocals and lyrics and is pure Mariah only. Its better then the original but I love both. You can hear it on her website:

    • Bo

      Now why the heck didn’t she release this instead? This is good. Not great, but good. She needs to kick Jermaine Dupri to the curb and go back to Afanasieff.

    • Lynne

      “She needs to kick Jermaine Dupri to the curb and go back to Afanasieff.” Omg, yes! I mean I like Jermaine Dupri, but she was great with Walter Afanasieff. Back when her music wasn’t about sampling, but great songwriter and authentic music.

  • romesf415

    woo hoo! new MC track!! love hearing her sing!! anything she sings I love so who care if yalls like it or don’t. i admire her talent and what she can do with it!