Robert Pattinson Turns To BFF Reese Witherspoon In The Wake Of His Break-Up With Kristen Stewart


It’s been a minute since Robert Pattinson and the REST OF THE WORLD learned that his co-star girlfriend Kristen Stewart cheated on him with a 41 year old married director so folks might be wondering what he’s been up to in the meantime. Well, we know that he is no longer living with K. Stew in their LA love nest so … where is he? It turns out that Rob is reportedly hiding out at Reese Witherspoon’s home estate in Ojai, CA. Rob and Reese became close friends while working together on their film Water for Elephants so it’s no big surprise that Reese would open her home to him in his time of need.

His world shattered, Robert Pattinson turned to someone he knew he could count on: Reese Witherspoon. Immediately after learning his girlfriend of three years, Kristen Stewart, had cheated on him with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, Pattinson asked his friend and Water for Elephants costar if he could crash at her tranquil estate in Ojai, Calif. Pattinson was utterly blindsided by the news – which a distraught Stewart delivered just before the story broke July 24 on – sources tell PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “There was no sign that either of them was unhappy,” says a source close to the 26-year-old actor. “He would have done anything for her.” While the source says Pattinson has had his “heart ripped out,” a Stewart insider says the Twilight heroine, 22, is likewise devastated. “Telling Robert was the worst thing she’s ever had to do,” says the insider.

Poor Rob. I mean, yes, I feel really bad for Liberty Ross — the wife of Rupert Sanders, the man who cheated with Kristen Stewart — but you gotta feel bad for R. Pattz, too. It makes sense that he would want to hide out from the public eye for a while and high-tailing it to Ojai, CA makes perfect sense. I understand Rob has cancelled a few promotional appearances for his new film Cosmopolis (which is rep says has nothing to do with Rob’s personal life) so I suspect he’s just moping around Reese’s estate, listening to sad music and weeping into his pillow. Break-ups are the worst … but they are even more painful when they play out in the public eye like this. Reese is a good friend, ain’t she?


  • nicole

    i like that he turned to Resse – because its basically the one female a-list friend he has, that the media cant turn into some kind of love story/scandal (well atleast they cant without looking stupid).

  • katie

    I do feel bad for him. Being cheated on is bad enough. But having photos of the actual cheating all over the place really sucks. Can’t blame him for trying to stay away from all of that.

  • Karen

    Reese is probably the perfect person for him to be around right now. She knows what it’s like to have a devastating breakup (no idea if Ryan cheated on her, but weren’t there rumors at least?) and she is a good example that life goes on and you can eventually find someone else and be happy.

  • Joan

    When are these “sources” going to comment about the long video chat conversation Rob has been having with Sienna Miller over Skype? LOL

    Seriously, part of me still can’t believe this massive scandal is all about Kristen Stewart. It was just so incredibly stupid of her…and in so many different ways… I can’t even.