Disney Releases New Dream Portraits Shot By Photographer Annie Leibovitz


For the past few years, famed photographer Annie Leibovitz has been turning celebrities into Disney characters as part of the company’s Dream Campaign (most recently we saw photos of Queen Latifah, Olivia Wilde and Penélope Cruz in character as Ursula the Sea Witch, The Evil Queen and Belle respectively). Today we get to see the latest Leibovitz photos from the Disney Dream Campaign. Click below to see Russell Brand as Captain Hook from Peter Pan and Jack Black, Will Ferrell & Jason Segel as the Hitchhiking Ghosts from The Haunted Mansion.

Today we’re excited to share two new images by Annie Leibovitz from our ongoing Disney Dream Portrait series. All the portraits feature well-known celebrities transformed into the roles of famous Disney characters, and now, in a first for the series, we’re featuring characters who originated in our parks! Russell Brand stars as Peter Pan’s arch nemesis, Captain Hook, narrowly escaping the jaws of the hungry crocodile who has chased him for years. The caption reads, “Where every moment leaves you hungry for more.” Looking at this one, can’t you almost hear the “tick-tock?” “There’s a little matter I forgot to mention…beware of hitchhiking ghosts!” From the Haunted Mansion attraction, Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel star as Phineas, Ezra and Gus, better known to millions around the world as the Hitchhiking Ghosts. The caption reads, “Where you can go on the ride of your afterlife.” If you’re not careful, one of them may follow you home! You’ll find these amazing images and more as part of a special insert in fall issues of GQ, O – The Oprah Magazine, People, People En Español, Vanity Fair, Real Simple, Essence, and InStyle.

I love this campaign, I’m glad to see that it’s still going strong. Considering how many iconic Disney characters there are to choose from, I suspect the Dream Campaign will continue for many years to come.


  • tabitha.

    This is one of my favorite photography campaigns. There is so much beautiful dreaming going on. Will Ferrell is almost unrecognizable!

  • Shannon

    Yes! Love these. Look at Will!