Watch: Nicki Minaj Releases A Music Video For ‘Pound The Alarm’


Nicki Minaj has just released her latest music video, a very colorful and upbeat clip for her club-banging single Pound The Alarm. Please don’t kill me but I LOVE this song. Sometimes a frivolous song just grabs ahold of you and you fall victim to its powerful sway … this is one of those songs. It’s not about the lyrics, it’s not about the message … it’s about the way that the song makes you want to dance your ass off. Honestly, I think this video is really fun but it’s not something that I will prolly watch very much. The song, on the other hand? Yeah, I’ve been jamming to this one for a while now. Pound The Alarm is a great song to dance to, to run to, to jump around the living room after you get out of the shower and you’re dripping all over the furniture … um, not that that’s what *I* do, erm, I’ve just heard it’s that kind of song. Are any of y’all loving this song/video like I am or … am I just over here dancing on my own?

  • Sam

    Why does she look whiter and whiter in every new video of hers?

    • JCZ

      It’s like asking why white girls get darker and darker with their obsession of a tan and fake tans.

  • Rokemayli

    I don’t mind the song but I couldn’t watch the video without focusing on how bad her hair looks!

  • Ella

    I’m not a Nicki Minaj fan, but this song is fun! Love that she is giving some love to Trinidad and carnival which we are known for among other things.

  • LaToya

    I just screamed Machel Montano for the whole video! He was on the truck with him…google him, he’s the best!

  • Shannon

    Uh… yes! I’m mainly pumped that she did a video in Trinidad– you can’t go wrong with the Carnival theme. And this song is everything Trent said it is– the perfect MOVE song. Like, I’m sitting here thinking about working out SO hard right now! SO hard! I’m feelin it!

  • Geret

    I looked quickly and thought it was a young RuPaul!