First Look: Adam Levine Photographed On The Set Of ‘American Horror Story’ Season 2


Back in March we learned that Maroon 5 frontman and judge on The Voice Adam Levine was in talks to join the season 2 cast of American Horror Story … in April, we heard from Adam himself about how he got the part. Today we get our first look at the singer-turned-actor on the set of AHS season 2. Show creator Ryan Murphy joined Twitter this weekend and is using his account to share this behind the scenes stuff. Click below to see this first photo of Adam Levine on set and find out where exactly the second season of AHS will be set (hint: the drama will take place in a New England city).

AHS exclusive: Two of our stars who started shooting today – – the multi-talented @adamlevine and Bloody Face!

While it remains to be seen if Adam will make a good actor, I can appreciate the reason why Ryan Murphy decided to cast him in the show. I think we can expect to see Mr. Levine nekkid at some point on AHS so, yeah, despite my personal feelings on the show I might have to tune in. Now, much of the information about AHS season 2 has been kept underwraps … thus far, all we were told was that the show will feature an entire new cast (except for a few season 1 stars who will play entirely new characters in season 2) and will be set in an entirely new city. It was rumored that since AHS was set in LA in season 1 that the setting would move to the East Coast for season 2. It turns out that those rumors are true … AHS season 2 will be set in Bean Town:

Up until now, we have only been told that the new season will take place in New England. We can now be a bit more specific when it comes to the sanitarium’s locale: Boston! Get ready to judge everyone’s Boston accents!

Oh man, Boston accents … we’ll see. I have very mixed feelings about the forthcoming season of American Horror Story. I was such a big fan of the first season of the show. It was exciting, clever and scary TV. Week after week the story unfolded in new and disturbing ways … much to my extreme satisfaction. But as the season winded down, the story got more and more ridiculous. I was so offended by how TERRIBLE the finale episode was that I vowed that I would be done with the show forever. Honestly, it felt like such a slap in the face that I was actually pissed. But that was then … and this is now. Trust me, I have not forgotten how betrayed I felt by how AHS season 1 turned out but I think I’m willing to let bygones be bygones and give the show another chance. Jessica Lange was THE most exciting actress on TV last year, no question. The fact that she will return for season 2 of AHS is comforting but … I’m worried. I’m willing to give the show a chance … I’ll watch Lange steal every scene again, I’ll watch Levine get nekkid … but I won’t like it! If the show can win me over, I’ll forgive all but … we’ll just have to see.

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  • Randal

    I hope he is only in one episode & is killed off quickly in said epsiode. His casting has truly made me NOT want to watch Season 2 of AHS. Sorry to be that guy…

    • @Randal — Well, he better die nekkid then ;)

  • kendra

    Hopefully Ryan Murphy learned from all the backlash that came out after last season’s finale and will step it up! It’s obvious from much of the first season, and most of the seasons of Nip/Tuck, that he’s capable of making great television..Let’s hope he doesn’t drop the ball yet again..

  • Cupcake

    Ooooh can’t waiiiiit for season 2 –

  • BAlito

    I am pissed aout Season 1 too… i dont know what to expect for this season… :S

  • Christina

    I’m excited to see the new season.. It’ll be interesting to see how they are going to have a whole new story line.