You Know You Want This Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker


Don’t front. You know you’ve been trying to figure out a way to be the [ballinest] hostess with the mostest. And now at breakfast, you can be! Even though it’s just for show, this Louis Vuitton waffle maker is kind of that ish! And if not, it’s at least that-ish-cray of the day. Los Angeles-based artist Andrew Lewicki has come up with yet another interesting creation. I checked out his site and he’s got some really fun designs (see the Oreo manhole cover inside), but this LV waffle maker makes me 1.) really hungry, and 2.) really curious as to why I haven’t seen these in any of Kanye’s recent videos. He better get on it before I feature it in my next video. Which I totally will; awkward for Kanye. Check out a couple other Andrew Lewicki originals inside.

Here’s the Oreo manhole cover:

I think this is my fave; he calls it “accordion obscura.”

And because we all love Lego, here’s Andrew’s ‘concrete legos’:

Fun, right? I love art fart! Especially when it involves high fashion. Plus I think Andrew’s being a bit tongue-in-cheek about the whole branding thing, which is pretty funny.

So which celeb would you gift the LV waffle maker to– other than the self-proclaimed Louis Vuitton don Kanye? You’re also allowed to gift it to yourself, which is what I’m doing right now :)

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  • katie

    Oooh, I kinda wish the Oreo thing was the waffle maker. You could make gigantor chocolate Oreo waffles…mmmmm. Of course I guess you could just use a round waffle maker & pretend. Thanks Shannon…now I am going to have to make waffles, lol.

    • Shannon

      katie, that Oreo waffle maker idea is brilliant! OMG. Soooo hungry… enjoy the waffles :)

  • LaToya

    Lol yes this would be in a Kanye video!