Michelle Williams And Jason Segel Couple It Up In LA


When we counted down theĀ top 10 celebrity couples of 2012, a few PITNBrs named Michelle Williams and Jason Segel as their personal fave. And rightly so! This one’s for Ben@pr, tessa, and debra– get your look on! These two are pretty adorable; Jason was picking up Michelle from a skin care center in LA. I don’t know why, but that little tidbit makes it cuter. Plus the photographers who took the photos noted that Michelle smiled and waved– and always does– which makes her about as chill as she seems. Just don’t ask me what she’s wearing– because I don’t know. But she’s physically incapable of not being cute, so peep the gallery for more cuteness.

As we know, Michelle’s got a huuuuge new movie coming up, Oz, The Great And Powerful. Her boo will play in Judd Apatow’s upcoming This Is 40 and also has a role in Seth Rogen’s directorial debut (alongside Emma Watson, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Rihanna, and literally everybody else in Hollywood), The End Of The World.



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Photo Credit: Splash News

  • Ben@pr

    Thanks Shannon for the mention!!! I like how you interact with the readers. I’ve always admired these two individually for their talent and for being their own individuals in a sea of stereotypes in Hollywood. Obviously when they became a couple I couldn’t be happier!!! It seems like the gossip sites and the paparazzi loves them too and rightly so.

    • Shannon

      Ben@pr, no problem! Something about them kinda makes a lot of sense.

  • Sofia

    I may be the only person in America who does not like this pairing. Jason Segel was supposed to be mine. grrr.

    • Shannon

      Oh, Sofia! Lol, I know it hurts. You can always superimpose your face over Michelle Wiliams’s in moments like this :)