First Look: Mariah Carey Releases The Cover Artwork For Her New Single ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’


Last week we learned that new American Idol judge Mariah Carey is readying the release of a new single titled Triumphant (Get ‘Em). As you may recall, Mimi told us herself that the song is a collaboration with Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Today, courtesy of MC again, we get our first look at the single artwork for Triumphant. Mariah has just joined Instagram and she used the opportunity to debut her new single artwork, which you can see in full below.

Here’s the cover of my new single #Triumphant!! World premiere this Thursday, Aug 2. GET ‘EM!

I have to say, Mimi’s use of Photoshop is a triumph, wouldn’t you agree? Altho Miss Thang is airbrushed to high heaven, she looks divalicious. I’m really anxious to hear what this new song sounds like. I hope it’s an upbeat club-banger. The thought of new Mariah Carey music makes me want to dance. As for this single cover art, what do you think? Do you love it or find it completely ridic?


  • nicole

    its totally Mimi. but for some reason it reminds of her ‘Honey’ days. i think its just the colouring.
    i just wish this song didnt have features on it. and i reallllly wish it didnt have rick ross.

    • Shannon

      It IS Honey! Which may or may not be a good thing, lol.

    • nicole

      im hoping for the good! lol

  • Isabelle

    I absolutel love her, but that cover doesn’t make it for me. It just looks like any cover she’s already made.

  • rOXy

    Oh to be Mimi.

  • Joanna

    This kinda sux. The artwork is fine for a Mariah Carey song but to have Rick Ross and Meek Mill featured on the song guarantees the song won’t be played on mainstream top 40 stations which have been home to pretty much all of her songs. Rick Ross is the most worrisome person on the track. He’s one note and boring all the time. I don’t know anything about Meek Mill except that he was a featured artist on a Drake song so he’s got a good past working for him. I don’t have high hopes for this song. It will be VERY slow with two rap parts or hardcore rap beats with Mariah trying to sing on top of them and having the beats drown out her AMAZING voice.

  • Lisbeth Slander

    What a surprising new look for Mariah. Slutty, high cut dress. Check. Armpit up. Check. Airbrushed within an inch of its life. Check.

    • Shannon

      Lisbeth Slander! Love the name!

  • Xadax

    She’s still not over with the “Emancipation Of Mimi” thing.

  • CJ

    So is “Get ‘EM”a jab at Emenem?

    • nicole

      no im pretty sure the “em” is just a short form for “them”

  • Brent

    I love Mariah. She has THE best voice and I love her style. It is disheartening to read negative comments about her. She is in her 40s now and although some of her photos may be photoshopped she is very beautiful. Whose photos aren’t photoshopped nowadays? I’m 34 and very good looking without photoshop LOL. To me, Mariah has never been desperate ala pulling out her boob at a concert. She deserves all the respect. She deserves the money for idol because she is entertaining and has the business know-how. Some of you need to quit being haters and congratulators.

    • JCZ

      Stopped reading at the obvious vain comment.

      But I agree with Xadax… this looks like a left over from the Mimi album. It’s sad cause that album was a bit of a change and fresh sound for her. It continued with her Pop/R&B rhythms that she sought after in late 90s and early 00s – but was still new and thankfully for Mariah, popular. Without that album, I don’t know where she would be.

      However the large success it gave her (and her label) unfortunately blinded them with robotic thoughts that a Ctrl+C and a Ctrl+P job on E=MC2 and the one after that was going to be acceptable, but it wasn’t. The Imperfect Angel album was a bit different, but she still tried to mirror her previous success, which I must say, is the same thing she did going into the early 00s which almost ruined her career.

      Mariah is very talented, I don’t doubt or question that. But she is an artist that struggles to let go, move on or adapt within a constantly changing market. For a Top 40 artist, it just doesn’t work. If she wants to stay the same, with the same sound, she must look at an Independent label. No matter if you’re Britney or Madonna – you need to adapt to stay relevant and on radio. Success gives creative freedom, but not the power to make the final call. Mariah has obviously changed over the years – but it takes a few albums for her to do so and some commercial failures for her and her label(s) to realise it.

      I’m not suggesting she does what everyone else is doing. She hasn’t really been that sorta artist. But I suggest she moves on from a sound she mastered and create something fresh, instead of left overs that have been polished to half the extent Em. of Mimi was. Radio doesn’t fall for it and when radio picks up on it – consumers do too (Unfort. radio hasn’t picked up on the constant pop/dance/r&b trash that is flooding the airwaves with their subtle dupstep breakdowns)

      Here’s hoping Mariah’s sound is something different for us, but until we hear the song, I’ll be judging a book by its cover!

  • miguy

    like most things Mariah, i love it AND it is completely ridic. …which is why i love it

  • Alex

    It’s funny how all of her album covers look the same haha.

  • Courtney Puzzo

    no all her album covers don’t look the same some of them are in balck and white and others are in color. as for features all her lead singles since Fantasy have had them in some form or another. it’s about the quality of the song not the pagckaging of it. hopefully It does well when it goes to digital outlets/radio in early August it could be her 19th #1 which means she needs only 2 more to break the Beatles Hot 100 Record of 20. granted she doesn’t get the credit they do because she’s a woman

  • Fairbairn smith

    This is so very good and amazing album for the Mariah .

  • Courtney Puzzo

    some of you are nitwits at best photoshop has been used for any photos for public consumption for over 20 years though some haave the clout to walk out of a photoshoot when photoshop is being used of which Mariah is one. she doesn’t need the photo enhancement she’s a beautiful woman same as Vanessa Redgrave when she’s promoting a film or a cause close to her heart like Unicief or amfar in a magazine and sees the photos being retouched can pull the plug and walk out

  • Luna

    Why couldn’t she wear a dress of ANY color except that? I thought she was naked at first glance! And her boobs are seriously O_O