Robert Pattinson Moves OUT Of His Home With Kristen Stewart


It’s been a few days now since it came to light that Kristen Stewart cheated on her boyfriend Robert Pattinson with a 41 year old married director. In the days since K. Stew confirmed her affair, the world has been wondering what R. Pattz would do. Yesterday, we learned that the wax statue version of Pattinson is currently in mourning at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in Hollywood but what of the flesh and blood Rob? Well … at last, we know. Moving trucks were spotted at the home that Rob shared with Kristen this weekend … very likely signaling that homie packed up his shizz and moved the eff out.

It was their first home together, a $6millon Los Angeles love nest where it was revealed Robert Pattinson wanted to almost certainly spend the rest of his life with soul mate Kristen Stewart. But Pattinson’s world crumbled earlier this week as pictures of his girlfriend, 22, kissing 41-year-old Snow White And The Huntsman director and married father-of-two Rupert Sanders hit the newstands. And R-Patz as he is affectionately known to fans, wasted no time moving his belongings out of their shared home, and shortly after Kirsten is reported to have done the same. Later on in the day a larger truck appeared, spending hours at the plush home, which perhaps indicates the move is not temporary as the the lorry had space to store large furniture items. People are reporting that one day after he abandoned their shared Loz Feliz mansion, she followed suit and is no longer there either. They are also said to not be on speaking terms.

Whitney Houston once asked, Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Well, now we know … they get packed up inside moving boxes and they find new places to live. There had been some hope among the rabid Robsten fanbase that the pair would be able to weather this storm and stay together … methinks that is not what is going to happen. Yes, even tho Rob moved out the pair *could* stay together and reconcile but … I doubt it. This betrayal is so public … so embarrassing … I find it hard to believe that the couple’s relationship can be repaired. BUT, if Rob and Kristen truly have a love affair like that of fictional Twilight characters Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, then they will stay together FOREVER! Keep dreaming Twihards, dream on.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin; Source]

  • cmc

    LMAO @ “This truck is full of broken dreams”!!! Nice, Trent!

    I read somewhere else that he actually owns that house and the trucks are her moving out of his place. That would SUCK if one of them owns it/not rents. Who wants to have to keep a house that just reminds you of your failed relationship?

    • Joan

      Yeah, PEOPLE says the house is under Rob’s name. But really, he is gonna move out anyway. I don’t think he want to live there anymore either. LOL

  • Megan

    Several people keep their houses after a break up, but most people don’t have the money to just buy another one. So who knows.

    Honestly though, how many couples that meet on a movie like Twilight stay together? Once the movie is over and you move on to new projects…and spend SO much time with the other people you drift apart. I did not expect them to last. I just feel bad that it was so public and hurtful.

  • Karen

    Yeah after seeing those pictures, I couldn’t imagine it being salvageable. It was so clearly not the first time they’d done that, so the “momentary lapse of reason” excuse couldn’t work.

  • nicole

    Robert made it pretty clear in Vanity Fair what he thinks about cheating… the odds of him taking her back are verrrrry slim

  • Ama


    I wonder who is keeping the dog they adopted?

    {Also; Came to the site for a first time yesterday, I like the change! Unfortunately, It isn’t too fond of my phone. It works, just is too much for my phone to handle. So no more checking this site while I’m at work :*( }

  • Joanna

    It really sux that their relationship is pretty much over now, especially since he was about to propose. Once Kristen hears that news she will be kicking herself for giving up a great guy for a few moments of pleasure. Sux to be either one of them right now :(

    • Joan

      Propose? LOL Sound like a made-up story to me.

  • Ella

    Perfect timing. I just cleaned my room.

  • Tracy

    I never expected this relationship to work they were too young to take it seriously especially Kristen. It is like a first love thing it doesn’t last forever, but it was good while it last. I remember once reading Rob stating he had never been in love or hurt in a relationship. Kristen said in an article recently that she wanted to get eff’d over because things were so easy for her. Well, I guess they both got their wish. I can’t see Rob getting back with Kristen the betrayal was so public, hurtful, and embarrassing. I’m sure Rob feels he can’t trust her. It really is pay back it was rumored that Kristen cheated on her old boyfriend with Rob and Rob was supposedly seeing Nikki (Kristen’s friend) when Rob and Kristen started getting busy. While Kristen and Rob hurt Michael and Nikki in the process so there you go…Move on Rob.

    I can’t wait for someone on the Twilight cast to write a tell-all book from behind the scenes….LOL! All the dirt will come out.

  • PetaF

    Hahahaha “This truck is full of broken dreams” had me laughing, I love it. But yes yes of course this is very sad :|

  • JOjo

    Why don’t you show the other pics Trent ? Why is there only one ? I’m sure they moved out of there , with the paps camped out 24/7 who wouldn’t .

    • @JOjo — LOL, what else do you want to see? The same truck?

    • JOjo

      how about someone going into and out of the house.Anyone can take a pic of a random truck on the street or park it in the driveway. J/S

    • @JOjo — I’m sure the photogs would’ve loved to have been inside the house, helping Rob pack … but sometimes, you gotta take what you get. Honestly, not just anyone can park a moving truck in the driveway of a well-secured home. A lot of time these reports are based on speculation, that’s why it’s called gossip. A moving truck leaving the home seems pretty evident to me that someone moved out. It’s not that serious to get all riled up. It’s gossip, it’s supposed to be fun :)

    • JOjo

      look at number 3. Maybe you should check your sources before posting articles, that is if you even have any. Just proves that any loser can start a gossip blog.

    • @JOjo — So you’re basing your argument on an unnamed “source” cited by tabloid US Weekly? LOL. It’s not so serious to start name-calling, really.

  • JOjo

    Getting tired of ppl writing articles that say nothing, quoting people that are left unnamed, and making photo assumptions.

    • Joan

      When an U-Haul truck is on your driveway, I think it’s pretty save to assume someone is moving! LOL I agree there’s been a massive massive wave of articles that have been written quoting mysterious “sources”, but I don’t put the U-Haul truck pics on that same category.

      At least PITNB is keeping it light and fun. There’s OTHER blog’s out there that are being completely nasty. Those are the ones to complain about.

    • @Joan — Yes, you are correct. A trick that has been exploited in the gossip game forever is the citing of “sources”. That way, outlets can say pretty much whatever they want without saying where they got the info … which leads, unfortunately, to bold face lies. Here on this blog, we deffo try to cite the sources from whence comes the info as best we can while keeping it fun :D

    • Sabrina


      getting tired of people writing articles about nothing? don’t read US weekly. don’t come to a gossip blog.

      Trent, doing a great job! one of the few gossip blogs out there that haven’t turned nasty. very respectable. love the new layout :)

    • Aviva

      ” quoting people that are left unnamed,”

      Stop and think about this for just one second, JOjo. The reason why is pretty obvious.

  • Dot

    Trent I love the fact that although the layout of your site has changed you kept your funny (sometimes snarky ;-) pink comments on photos! The second picture got me laughing.

  • ck

    Okay, so I’d like to imagine – first truck is Rob gathering a few things and moving out, (he’ll get the rest later, he just wants the F*&^ away right now). Second truck is Kristens saying, “Don’t worry, I’m leaving.” All made sense when I read the house was Rob’s.

    Sad. I think Kristen is too young and didn’t want to be in a commited relationship; wouldn’t have worked out anyway. Maybe we’ll see them get together many years from now.