Watch: Kylie Minogue Plays A Sexy Lesbian In The New Film ‘Jack & Diane’


Back in October of last year we learned that Kylie Minogue had filmed scenes for a new film titled Holly Motors in Paris, France. It turns out that she has been quite the bizzy little actress because today we learn that she will also feature in another new film titled Jack & Diane. As you can see in the video trailer for the film, Kylie plays a sexy lesbian opposite Riley Keough — granddaughter of the late Elvis Presley. But, I must make clear that the relationship in the film between Kylie and Riley is NOT the central focus of the film. Click below to learn more about this forthcoming film Jack & Diane.

Since leaving Neighbours in the late 80s, Kylie Minogue’s career has taken somewhat of a back seat. But there’s no chance of missing the Australian star’s latest cinematic turn as she plays a lesbian in a new romance. The 44-year-old star plays a tattooed character called Tara, who seems to be seducing teen Jack, played by Elvis Presley’s grand-daughter Riley Keough. With messy blonde waves, a red vest and tattoos all over her arms, Kylie is a far cry from the glossy pop princess we’re used to seeing. In her brief appearance in the film’s trailer, Kylie walks over to a bruised Jack (Keough) and asks her: ‘Why did you come here tonight?’ Leaning in to kiss her, Jack replies: ‘I don’t know.’ The film stars Keough and English actress Juno Temple, both 23, as New York-based teenagers Jack and Diane who fall in love. Diane’s innocent charm begins to open Jack’s tough heart and the pair start to fall in love. However, their burgeoning romance faces being derailed after Diane’s English mother informs the pair that the blonde is moving to France, upsetting their plans to live together.

HMMM … looks interesting. As much as I love Kylie Minogue, she doesn’t really have a great track record when it comes to her movie career. That said, I will deffo check this film out just to see her in action. It’s not exactly clear to me how this film will turn out. It is merely a tale of two girls who cannot be together because of outside interference … or is there something more nefarious going on. It looks like Keough’s character will start to get an unhealthy obsession with her co-star Juno Temple’s character. Thus far, I’m intrigued. Who knew that it would take Kylie Minogue as a lesbian to get me to take notice of this film.

What do YOU all think is going on in this film? Does it look like something that you would like to see?


  • ashley

    wtf was that at the end

    • @ashley — That’s a good question.

    • Kevin Meehan

      I heard a rumor that werewolves are involved possibly.

    • @Kevin Meehan — I’ve heard that too … which worries me :/

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    • Ben@pr

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