Watch: Scissor Sisters Release A Music Video For ‘Let’s Have A Kiki’


Scissor Sisters have just released a music video for their fabulous new single Let’s Have a Kiki. Now, as a public service to the uninitiated who may have no idea what, exactly, a “Kiki” is the Sisters are using their new music video as an instructional video that explains A.) what a Kiki is and B.) how to have one. Take notes, y’all. Learn it, Live It, Love it.

  • rOXy

    So hilarious!!! I love it!

  • Alicia A. Bentley

    Loved it. Now that damn song will be stuck in my head all day. :)

  • Zeke

    Shakira uses the word “kiki” as well in her song “Loca”.
    Iit’s a Colombian word for ยท”quickie”

  • Jstar

    I loved this video, and have already watched it several times…the other day when discussing what to do that day with my husband, I almost said “let’s have a kiki”!!! it is so fun to say!